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Comment Re:Fujitsu ScanSnap or similar (Score 5, Informative) 311

As an owner and avid fan of the ScanSnap S1500, I tell you: "Read the manual" (or at least the help files)

You can configure as you like, but on mine I press the blue magic button and I have a PDF file stored on my HDD in a folder I have preselected. This PDF is named according to the naming convention I have selected, and is later OCR'd when my computer is idle, as I have selected. No other selection boxes pop up and I don't have to click on anything at all on my computer. Just the one blue button.

That's why the Scansnap is magic

Comment Re:More context for that study. (Score 1) 538

OMG! (predominately liberal) Academia reports that people who get their news from any source other than approved (predominately liberal) sources are ill-informed! News at 11! (on just about every station)

Seriously, if you think that any news report is un-biased, you need to re-examine your world view. We would be much better served by news reporting that was at least open and honest about its bias instead of trying to hide it under a veneer of "fairness". How often when you watch a program about the evils of hacking / bit-torrent / copyright infringement do you see the "fair and balanced" section come up with some retard who goes on about how all information wants to be free, instead of a reasoned analytic response. Reminds me of the idiot who went on about how anarchy was superior to rule by power and gave gangs as an example.

Fair and balanced is like Jerry Springer having the KKK on his stage with Holocaust survivors. yeah, it's balanced...

it really doesn't matter if you get your news from fox, cnn, abc, nbc, bbc, al jazeera, or npr; if you don't check various other places you are not going to see the whole pictures.

Furthermore, it is in the interest of large media organizations (including all of those above) to represent blogs as worthless of your time and bereft of facts. People are starting to use blogs a larger source of their information because the blogs don't pander to this misplaced ideal of "fair and balanced" and often come up with facts and information the MSM simply doesn't report, or doesn't report on fully.

How about this... if your knowledge of the world is composed of 15 second soundbites, you may be more informed than the average person, but that just means you king of the retards.

Comment not really (Score 2, Interesting) 613

I had tax overpayments from 8 years that were owed to me (>$2000). IRS never said a thing. One year, I had an underpayment of $115. after penalties and fees and interest, IRS (first communication) sent me an "intent to file lein" letter unless I paid them $480. if they owe you money, they'll never look for you

Comment LaTeX (Score 1) 78

I personally think that it is awesome that they used the LaTeX Beamer class instead of PowerPoint.

oh yeah, the rest of the presentation was interesting too.

Comment Wasn't new in 2002, still isn't new in 2004. (Score 1) 215

On Dec 2nd, 2002 there was another "Breaking" the gigapixel barrier story here on /. now in 2004 we're doing it again. This Digital Macro Camera takes 3.5 GP images digitally. Ok, so it's a monster scan back, but that still is a lot easier than his new system which has nothing to do with digital imaging except for the scan. Which he didn't do. ughh..

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