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Comment 3D Printing Hype (Score 1) 276

I'm getting weary with all the 3D printing hype that goes on in this community. You do realize that humans have been making 3D objects without 3D printers for the vast majority of recorded history, right? While 3D printers come in handy for making some objects, they are not the sole enabler for making *any* object. Just another tool. Big deal.

Comment Microsoft is not looking out for your interests (Score 1) 1215

I stick with GNU/Linux and other FOSS software because it is an investment in our future. If you are forced to use MS products for your job, then you have little choice. I make my living with GNU/LInux, partially because I understand it well enough to be an expert. I understand it that well because I have the source code for everything, including the kernel.
Microsoft only cares about customers to the extent that they can exploit them for profit. Compare that to ethics of the Free Software Foundation.

Comment Re:50,000 a day? (Score 1) 291

I was recently disappointed to discover that, in order to download music which you have purchased from Amazon, you must use Amazon's proprietary downloading software *and* agree to the 'Terms of Use' associated with said software. After hunting around the website for about 10 minutes I finally found contact information for sales support, and asked for a refund.

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