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Comment Re:Good Lord... (Score 5, Informative) 412

I tell my kids tough shit, suck it all the time. It's called being a parent and caving into random whims about stupid stuff. I mean... what kind of parent says no to a kid who wants ice cream for dinner! They want it so they must have it!

Seriously... everyone has baby photos. We take photos of babies and post them on the internet. Before the internet we put them in books and then drug the books out whenever our kids brought home a significant other. Get over it. You were once a baby naked and covered in mud/spaghetti sauce and your parents took a picture. It probably even got taken in to work and is hanging up in a cube/office. That time you crapped your pants? Mom and Dad remember and will bring it up. Again. And Again. You'll probably do the same thing to your kids. Suck it up. Life is tough and not everyone likes you. It's my job to make sure you have the tools to make it, not be your friend.

I suppose it is possible that these 'embarrassing' childhood photos are not the typical spaghetti covered baby photos. But if that is the case, the parents probably belong in jail for other reasons.

I am a parent. I also have respect for my child (and for people in general), and their reasonable right to their privacy. If I posted an old picture of a friend from college, and that friend said "hey, I'd rather not have that on the Internet," I'd immediately take it down.

Comment Re:There's an easy solution to this (Score 2) 426

I've already started clicking on every ad to hide it, and then choose offense / sexually explicity. Time to pollute their data set, and if they actually action on this feedback then that system will get broken if enough people also do the same.

You'd need a LOT of people (like a large majority of the userbase) to do this for it really to work. All you've done is trained the algorithm to ignore your flags.

Comment Re:Utopia, American Style (Score 1) 213

You're looking at it the wrong way around. You need to look at the share of the population of the native country that have chosen to move to the destination country. 25k people born in Norway (0.5% of the current population) have chosen to move to the US. 9k people born in the US (0.003% of the current population) have chosen to move to Norway. So, Norwegians are 173x more likely to have moved to the US than Americans are to have moved to Norway.

Comment Re:Either may be more profitable, but competition (Score 1) 95

So, you think that an article about the Louisville city government possibly overstepping its authority in an attempt to make it EASIER for Google Fiber to enter the market is evidence that there are local monopoly franchises? Intriguing. Do you also view the sunrise as evidence to support your theory that we are doomed to eternal darkness?

Comment Re:Either may be more profitable, but competition (Score 1) 95

(a) could show you had sufficient financial backing to be a viable concern

What are the common ways for startups to show (a)?

Show cash on hand, show borrowing capacity, show a business plan.

(b) agreed to cover at least a large portion of the city, if not all, and weren't just going to cherry-pick affluent neighborhoods

Is a franchisee allowed to propose a multi-year plan to cover "a large portion of the city", using revenue from one neighborhood to fund expansion into adjacent neighborhoods, or does it have to be at least borough-wide from day one?

It can be a phased rollout (don't need to have the entire network built to light it up), but reasonably rapid, and not just "attractive markets first." (can't say "we'll do Richguy Heights in 2016, and then 2% of Poverty Falls per year for the next 50 years").

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