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Comment Subjugation of laws (Score 3, Interesting) 77

If the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights are the supreme laws in this country then the WHOLE Judiciary needs to be re-educated in them. The Bill of rights as it's 1st item clearly states Freedom of Speech is an inalienable right. Unless there is some reinterpretation of "inalienable" that clearly indicates one's freedom to say ANYTHING can NOT be infringed, PERIOD, NSL are wothless! The real problem comes when one wants to get the Supreme Court to hear and rule on same.

Comment Gov. taking over!!! (Score 1) 81

One can guarantee if anyone attempts to secure or harden TOR or any other onion product enough to ensue the TLAs can't gain access they will be visited by some "Men in Black" with some NSLs to hand out. Never to be seen again! The TOR site need to have a Warrant canary "" specific to this situation, unless they already have been issued NSL or other mandates, then all bets are off, probably the latter! It's a shame the Gov. thinks it's the boss, the people are the boss, the constitution clearly says so! This is not for our own good, it's for the Gov. spying operations, and we already have way too much of that!

Comment Truth in information (Score 1) 104

The whole of the medical profession has been absolutely shut up about thousands of medical issues that can and should be handled by simple readily available help and cures. No doctor will tell a diabetic that Cinnamon is a helpful adjunct to one's medical regime. The pharmaceutical community wants the unknowing populous to spend hard earned and egregious amounts of money on some patented drug instead of some easy to find and cheap to buy perfectly good condiment. Why?, so the drug houses get filthy rich off the teeming populous. Google will have the same screws put to it's "information" with out any truth in medicine! Where does one go to find real medical treatment and cures with out the Pharmaceutical community shutting them up?

Comment Mandated Backdoor (Score 1) 232

If and when the Gov. gets this mandated back door it immediately takes on the responsibility to ensure that everyone who purchase said encryption software has in fact a reliable and safe encryption application. As such if and when said application's has been compromised the Gov. will immediately, not weeks, months or years later but as soon as it has been broken, pay for a new version with new encryption keys for everyone who purchased said application. The Gov. wants a back door to an application then the Gov. takes on the responsibility for ensuring the application is available to all users. If it's broke the Gov. fixes it for free!

Comment 2 Gripes about video advertising (Score 1) 105

A page with video advertising may cause one to waste gigabytes of data! 1. When an advertisement is playing on a page it draws data from some source. The advertisement may be visible or not. If it's not visible what is the benefit to the viewer? NOTHING! So stop any and all video advertising that is not in the visible page. 2. When one is viewing a page with video advertising and one is drawn away from that screen for whatever purpose, the bytes are continuously downloaded to run the video, whether the person is viewing the screen or not. If one is no longer viewing the screen, called away to go pick up the kids, clean the dishes, go shopping, fix the car, whatever - the video continues to play again eating up one's valuable and expensive bytes. Especially video ads that are not on the visible page. There should be some time limit or byte limit on video advertising so that one's allotment of bytes downloaded from one's ISP is not drained by some video advertisement that one is not watching and has no way of watching because one is NOT THERE!

Comment Y2K issues again! (Score 1) 185

Prediction - On - Monday 18th of January 2038 10:14:07 PM - the internal clock on many PC will change from 0x7fffffff to 0x80000000 and depending on how the software treats the number it may change the time to - Friday 13th of December 1901 03:45:52 PM - or not. Hopefully by that time all real computes will be 64bit and the issue goes away. But beware for 32 bit computers this is going to be a much bigger problem than the Y2K issue! And yes Y2K did have some major fallout - NORAD was blind for hours! Some NSA computers were down for days!

Comment Gov. Military, Police, Terrorist are the problem (Score 1) 56

Committing to controllable AI is fine, but the Government, NSA, CIA, FBI and the other TLAs will ignore the research and do what THEY want and to hell with reasonable AI. Same for the Military, Police and Terrorists! You really think they will give a hoot about controllable AI. I for one would wold be on the lookout for SkyNet.

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