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Comment It's not just toner cartridges!!! (Score 1) 226

Any product that has ANY post sale involvement is up for DRM (Digital Rights Management) abuse! Any home appliance the breaks or needs repair! Any vehicle that needs repair! This is a BIG issue! DRM MUST be toned down to protect the original manufacturer or sale, but NOT limit or deny repair for fix by a 3rd party!

Comment Robot Safety (Score 1) 126

I would make it MANDATORY that every robot made have an OFF switch! Governments, clandestine organizations; CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. all make life and death decisions daily. Their mechanical servants MUST have an OFF switch that works from a distance. Otherwise one may get into a situation like SKYNET, COLOSIS, etc.

Comment Mark for upgrade (Score 1) 148

Put a string of password like alphabet soup in a routine. Then when that routine becomes ensconced in some other application it can still be searched for and noted for replacement of removal. It would only take about 128 bytes to clearly note application, programmer, usage, date, time, etc. It used to be a size issue but with todays Gigabyte memory size, that issue has diminished dramatically.

Comment Report ALL drinking/drug abuse to family (Score 1) 201

Usually the family of a student is paying for the education. As such the family need to know how and what the student is doing. I know they may be over the "report to family age", but since this situation demands something real and hard be done, report any and all drinking, drugging and hospital events to the familys might go a long way with reigning in the abuse. Yes the educational institution need to take a hard stand on this and bring it under control. Make it part of the admission policy so all familys and students know what will happen when they drink or abuse drugs. Yeah the students may be over the age where they are considered adult and "on their own" but one needs to get real so report them to some agency that can put real pressure on the students, family or guardian.

Comment "direct detection" rather than "indirect detection (Score 1) 69

Unless "direct detection" rather than "indirect detection" can be factually proven to get private information from TOR which is supposedly NOT available, and private information from "Virtual Private Networks" which again is NOT available then the case MUST be dismissed. All technology and software MUST be divulged. Not hidden nor private techniques. No one watching a network protected by TOR and/or VPN can determine who nor what is using said network.

Comment Warrant Canary (Score 1) 55

Look up Warrant Canary and display one to ensure your activities and promotions are pure and not compromised. "Warrant canary" is a colloquial term for a regularly published statement that a service provider has not received legal process that it would be prohibited from saying it had received, such as a national security letter. - Canary Watch

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