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Submission + - Better Living Through Data (ifweassume.com)

jradavenport writes: Using 2 years of continuous (every 1 minute) monitoring of my MacBook Air battery usage, I have been able to study my own computer use patterns in amazing detail. This dataset includes 293k measurements, or more than 204 days of use over 2 years. I use the laptop more than 50hours per week on average, and my most productive day is Tuesday. Changes in my work/life balance have begun to appear over the 2 year span, and I am curious if such data can help inform how much computer use is healthy/effective.

Submission + - 24 hours of King County (Seattle) Metro in 6 minutes (ifweassume.com)

jradavenport writes: This video shows every bus through every stop in Seattle's metro system for a typical weekday. More than 12,000 individual bus trips are made each day, from 240 different routes. The bus positions are rendered for every 6 seconds of real time. Note how the entire city, every major landmark, is drawn out simply using bus stops.

Submission + - The war in Afghanistan has lasted longer than 84% of all wars ever (ifweassume.com)

jradavenport writes: Based on over 1000 wars listed in Wikipedia with start/end dates, I found the median duration is just 2 years. Sorting them all by duration, we see that at 12.3 years (and counting), Afghanistan is longer than 84% of all wars in human history. Interestingly, the last year without a *recorded* war was 597AD!

Submission + - Studying the Slow Decay of a Laptop Battery for an Entire Year (ifweassume.com)

jradavenport writes: I've been keeping a log of the health of my MacBook Air battery for the past year, taking samples every minute I use the computer (152,411 readings so far!). This has allowed me to study both my own computing/work habits, but also the fascinating rapid decay of battery capacity. Comparing it to my previous 2009 MacBook Pro, the battery in this 2012 Air is degrading much faster.

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