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Comment Useless (Score 1) 91

WebOS is like being in 3rd place in a marathon, where the other two people are an HOUR ahead of you. They should give it up and take on android for themselves. Just get it over with. It's so sad they can't let go of a dying technology and move on..

Comment Admin/Server Ratio?(please contribute if possible) (Score 1) 414

Hello, I cannot give my numbers but I'm pretty damn sure my site is incredibly understaffed, so I'm really curious on how it is done on other sites. I know this article is touching the desktop side of things, but if you can give some input on the ratio for admin/servers, it would be appreciated.

Comment Terrible idea (Score 1) 837

Want to make yourself look less valued and more like a McDonald's worker? Wear a uniform. Look, not only for yourself and your career, but for the entire IT industry, do not accept this, at all, EVER.

Comment STILL No replacement repair vehicle planned? (Score 2, Insightful) 391

Hello, I do know most people seem to forget about this, but one thing the ARES/Orion programs make no plans for is to have REPAIR abilities available for space. While the Shuttle was far from perfect, it has been the best space repair vehicle created, and when it is retired, there will be nothing else out there to fix extraordinarily expensive satellites. I know people talk about "saving money", but do you know how expensive it would be to have launched four replacement Hubble Telescopes? Or, countless other devices they've spent days and months repairing in space? Someone SERIOUSLY has to make this an issue for NASA...

Comment Amway = Worst Possible Company for Genetics Ever (Score 5, Insightful) 78

People do not possibly comprehend the accuracy required for genetics tests to have any validity, of which even current companies aren't the best at. By using a company like Amway, all that you're going to get is very rough probabilities, exactly the opposite of what consumers want, but what they'll be left with, since they naturally cut corners and need to do a CYA job, leaving that as the net result.

The only hope I can come of with this nonsense is that people begin realizing the NEED for accuracy on scales beyond you can imagine as a result of the useless of genetics tests when you don't do them right.

Note: I've already done these tests (NOT Amway, of course), which is why I know what I'm talking about here.

Comment Having this done in Linux? What? (Score 1) 1092

Sorry, this is a highly profitable sector, something where not having the nuts and bolts open to the world is in your self-interest and something that requires a substantially mature and solid niche technology, of which Linux is the worst thing in the world for. The best developers will be making money off of this, having it not on Linux; People like you should be wanting this to be kept as a more 'private' technology; and while Linux can be rock-solid in highly mainstream products, is not remotely close to it in niche technologies due to the nature of open-source, which requires a huge base with recurring interest, so that enough people have enough free time to burn to make it be stable and secure.

Keep on dreaming...

Comment Two wrongs don't make a right, people. (Score 1) 890

Look, it's getting a bit ridiculous looking at past Church issues to say "oh, they're ok." Two wrongs don't make a right. If the Catholic Church was close to as bad in the past does not REMOTELY justify this predatory scam to be able to operate under the guise of 'religion.' Bravo to places like France and Germany who stand up to these destructive forces in society.

Comment Re:How long does sequencing take nowadays? (Score 1) 126

People are not aware that there is no complete gene sequencing available to the masses yet.

I do believe you could get a private study to do yourself entirely, at around $200,000 if you had that much money to burn. At the rate progress is occurring, in 2-8 years full sequences will be possible for most people (at somewhat of a premium price).

Regardless, 99% of our genes are identical, so what's done now, focusing on the 1% that fairly rapidly mutates (every~100-500yrs), is almost all of what people will find different when they do the entire genome. We'll only catch the extremely unexpected and be highly more accurate when we do the whole thing.

Comment Terrible Idealism - Quit it, Hippies! (Score 1) 126

Ok, as a person who has done DNA tests for himself and believes in the value for people working together on this, I believe this is just terrible.

People value their privacy, and for DNA research to make progress, they need as many people involved as possible, which has not been done yet. Less than 0.0000001% of the world has had their DNA tested. So, for that to be able to be done, their privacy needs to be ensured. People, being concerned about identity theft, use of their own information for negative purposes, etc, run for the hills when being brought about DNA tests today because they believe it's the ultimate in risk for that, to do such testing.

So, the geniuses doing this want to enhance their fears by playing right into it, by exposing everything about themselves as part of this?

For ALL MANKIND, it is best to get into a method of keeping high security over DNA testing, revealing absolutely nothing to anyone who they don't approve of (normally specific scientists, researchers and doctors) so that we can start testing as many people as possible with every genetically-related condition on the planet, so we can find ways to prevent and eliminate them fully.

This is about as wrong as possible, in light of that.

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