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Comment Fee-less? (Score 1) 152

it scales back slightly the decentralized and fee-less nature of Bitcoin

Fee-less? Like the charges that all the credit card processors levy? ...or do you mean hidden fees that are just passed on to the customer?

Comment Re:300,000 Machines? (Score 5, Informative) 201

Not only are some repairs quicker than others, but TFA noted that he had a staff as large as six people at one point assisting him in his shop... I don't doubt that a man of his abilities could repair 300,000 machines (depending on the complexity of the repair), but it could be a reference to those repairs he supervised, and not just those he actually performed with his own two hands.

Submission + - Statewide franchise illegal? Detroit sues Comcast (

jqpublic13 writes: The City of Detroit, Michigan, is suing Comcast's local subsidiary citing a 2006 agreement which the City says violates the constitutions of both the United States and the state of Michigan. They claim that an federal act from 1984 supersedes the local agreement. Comcast has 20 days to respond.

Submission + - Motherboard Replacements and Vista OEM EULAs

Knackster writes: If you decide to replace the motherboard in your computer, should you have to pay Microsoft again for the OS that came with the system? Well, in Redmond they think so, and that probably doesn't come as much of a surprise. What I do find a bit surprising is that Microsoft has chosen not to inform end users, not even in the darkest depths of the Windows EULAs, of this policy. Instead, computer manufacturers have just quietly been told that, hey, that's the way it's going to be. Read More

Submission + - wiping hard drive, notebook

bfullback34 writes: "i am trying to create a gw scan disk on my desktop, so that i can erase the hard drive on my laptop, however my desktop has no floppy drive. can a gw scan be created on a cd-r, are thier any ways aroudn this?"

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