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Comment TLDRWABRRTFA (Score 1, Funny) 162

Does advice that crosses the TLDR threshold score well with CBR but poorly with WABR? From TFA, [brackets added]:

> (if you make your advice hard to follow [read], that reduces the chance of somebody actually climbing that mountain [reading it]
>and then pointing out to you if your suggestion didn't work). So it's not just that the advice-giver is being unhelpful, it's that they're being a dick.

what is the TLDR threshold anyway? I'd love to see a quantification of the amount of information that can fit inside it

Comment Re:What is wrong with SIP (Score 1) 114

btw the interface just popped up in my gmail account, so I tried calling my cell phone, and the caller ID on my cell phone showed my Google Voice number, so perhaps these services aren't so distinct. Maybe a gmail user who doesn't have a Google Voice account could chime in.

Comment Re:What is wrong with SIP (Score 1) 114

but they can't support SIP - a protocol specifically designed to handle these kinds of situations

Can't, don't, or don't yet? With google voice, they're two trivial steps away from letting wifi capable phones call and receive calls anywhere in the US (and probably elsewhere) for free, with no SIM card installed, even - 1) set up a SIP gateway and allow (android/iOS,etc. or computer based) softphones to connect it to it using Google's existing authentication bindery, 2) allow Google Voice users to direct calls to the gateway (and 3), I guess, create user interfaces (Android, etc.) for making calls that are more convenient than their website tool). I don't see a business model there, but it would be really cool

You can string this stuff together with GV and other existing services, so I know it works :)

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