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Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 1) 427

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Comment Re:BAHAHA!!! (Score -1, Troll) 169

What question did you just ask me? I'm fairly certain you asked me how I produced a sound that resembled the sound of someone licking his/her chops without actually doing that. The answer is quite simple, and I would normally answer your question in an expeditious manner, but your rancid asshole seems to be sucking my fetid friend in...

Comment Rancid as a nigoola on a Sunday on the 4th of July (Score -1, Offtopic) 169

Fellow Slashdotters, you have something I desire. Fellow Slashdotters, you have something I admire.

Enough of this charade. I want your rancid assholes and nothing else! My fetid, disease-ridden cock licks its filthy chops when I think about smooching the deepest reaches of your repugnant, feces-filled rectums! I can't wait to drill your smelly assholes! To make things even more exciting, my energetic tadpole friends and your feces will mix together to form rectum soup! I can't hold anymore! What say you?

Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 0) 427

The facts present themselves otherwise

And the TSA claims that they're effective. What of it? I don't really care what the government claims at this point.

Trustworthy or not is basically irrelevant in a discussion about whether the NSA provides any benefit.

I said that the NSA needs to be abolished because they are not trustworthy. I don't care about any mythical benefits; I don't care if they exist and I don't care to even discuss it. If you want another spy agency, come to me when you've found a way to create one that won't abuse its power; I won't hold my breath.

Disbanding the NSA while allowing the existence of foreign spy agencies means they're cooperating against you without you.

They're already cooperating without me (I do not consider the NSA to be my ally), and the NSA just makes things easier for them, anyway.

Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 0) 427

The NSA keeps other nations' spy agencies in check, so if you want them destroyed, then the NSA therefore must be beneficial.

That doesn't make any sense. I haven't actually said I believe that the corrupt piece of trash known as the NSA keeps other spying agencies in check, and you haven't explained how destroying them means they're beneficial. More than likely, they work with other countries to violate everyone's freedoms.

The NSA has clearly shown itself to be untrustworthy.

Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 0) 427

If you want the NSA to be destroyed, then, by extension, you must wish for every other national espionage systems to also be destroyed simultaneously.

Yeah, but I can't even vote in other countries, so good luck with that.

The poster you replied to is correct -- you don't care so much about the NSA, you care about the NSA potentially spying on you while gladly reaping the benefits of the NSA spying on other people for you.

I don't gladly reap any benefits; I want the NSA destroyed. It must be nice to pretend that I love the NSA and believe it's beneficial in your delusions, but please try to remain in reality and not tell other people what they believe.

Comment Re:That is their job. (Score 0) 427

1. They were hired by congress to do this job.

Irrelevant. That still doesn't make it moral.

2. Everyone else does it justifies pretty much all military and defense activities and must justify such actions.

So you're going to justify the "everyone else does it" argument by saying that everyone else does it? Okay.

do you feel a need to have some sort of defense against me? Precisely.

Don't answer questions for me. Nothing logically flows from this flawed example. We're spying on countries that pose us no direct threat, and you warmongers can't stand the fact that some people realize that the government thugs doing this need to be put in their place.

Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 0) 427

Yes they should. That's what we pay them for.

Then let's stop paying the worthless freedom-violating pieces of trash. Bottom line is, we don't need worthless warmongers spying on random countries for no moral reason, which is what's happening now.

I care about US citizens, and I care about non-US citizens. The fact that some people think it's okay to violate the privacy of people in other countries for no other reason than because they're not citizens of our country is absurd; much of the time, we have no reason to spy to begin with.

Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 0) 427

It sucks but thats how the world is.

We get molested at airports for trying to get on a plane. It sucks but thats how the world is.
We get spied on even though the government doesn't have any proper warrants. It sucks but thats how the world is.
We get shipped off to free speech zones when the government disagrees with our speech. It sucks but thats how the world is.
Our right to assemble has been infringed and now, in many places, we must have permits to even protest. It sucks but thats how the world is.
We start and maintain pointless wars for long periods of time, which ends up killing thousands. It sucks but thats how the world is.

The NSA must be destroyed, and this nonsensical attitude must be as well.

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