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Journal Journal: feeling dumb and bored

So it's really dumb to order the firewire drive case when you don't have a firewire port, isn't it? That's what I did. Oh well, the PC card to make it all better is on the way.

So I didn't leave my job. Things are better at work now. They seem to be thinking about the things that make the engineers happy again. that's always good.

anyway, maybe I'll make a real habit out of this some day. Maybe I can serialize a short story here...

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Journal Journal: wow, it's been a long time

So, I am nuts. This is my only outlet for the insanity as I know no one can see it. Or, rather, I know that anyone who can neither cares nor can act on it. I am thinking of leaving a large, stable company in this market to go start a new one up. By the way, that' a large stable *software* company to go start up a new *software* company. I have to be nuts. There is not one shred of evidence that says this is a good idea. I am not quite happy where I am, though. The products are not doing well and the politics are preventing them from being fixed. It's lose lose. Even when I can get the right ideas to fix them I can't get the right people to support tham and vice versa.

Oh yeah. Then there's my wife. She wants another baby. We have a daughter already. She's just turned five. My wife feels that if we're to have another it's now or never. Of course, I really just don't want one at all. But I do want her to be happy. So what to do? I feel like if I don't do this with her she may be miserable on some level for the rest of our lives. However, I also feel like doing this kid thing again could make me eat a rifle. I'm just not that suited to parenthood. I put on a good show, but I'm always biting down and chanting "18 more years, 18 more years" as if I were in prison. Don't get me wrong. I love my girl. She makes my heart melt. But this is tough stuff. Now I know why the super rich go with a nanny and boarding school. All the responsability and the love mixed together makes you feel anxious all the time. Bill Cosby told me there would be days like this.

So I am nuts. As I said.

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Journal Journal: maybe this'll work if I keep trying

so I just got over being very sick. I woke up two days ago with a fever of 105.6 according to our in the ear thermometer. Not so shabby. I'm told at 108 you die. Keen. I learned through this that I used to get fevers this high often as a child. My mother would respond with alcohol baths. My wife then tells me you don't do that now because they know this can cause brain damage in small children. That speaks volumes, no?

I guess I'm writing here again since I just went on a 20 minute journey into blog hell. It strated because I saw the word Schnapple in the sig of the user by the same name. That's the way I've always kiddingly pronounced "snapple" so I clicked. What followed was clicking through to many different blogs and an intense curiosity about where all these people find all the time to do this stuff. Here I am typing out this note. It has taken almost five whole minutes. I should be working. I already feel bad about the wasted time. I'm making the guess that not many bloggers have kids requiring attention on the off hours.

So, as stated, I should get back to work. So much for blogging for the moment.

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Journal Journal: man I'm tired

So on wednesday morning I drove ~300 miles to MA from NJ. Stayed in a hotel that night and got up to drive 100 miles to Groton CT. Then the snow came. I was stuck that night in Groton ad got to get up erly again to drive 100 miles back o MA again. Got on the road home at 3pm and didn't mae it home until about 9pm after dropping off a friend in Manhatten.

Is that boring. I suppose it is. I'm just trying to get into the habit of writing. I think I've said that before in this thing.

I keep getting moderator points. I don't know why. I don't write much commentry and I don't even submit anymore. I metamoderate as much as I can. But that just feels like the only way I have to give back aound here.

blah blah blah. Just got back from one of those chucky cheese for littler kids places for a birthday party. energy fading fast. trasmission over.

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Journal Journal: so i'm back

Still have not thought about comments. seems like a big decision for a fragile ego like mine. Not to mention that I have terrible spelling and there's no spell check in this little box. If I got serious about this journal, then I guess I'd write the entires in vi first or something, but not yet.

I want to write a Philosophy book. I have a degree in Philosophy. I think about the mind, politics, epistomology and the future of our race (the human race) all the time. However I don't have the discipline to write as much as I need to. Maybe having this journal could be a start...

We shall see.

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Journal Journal: fp

So. What is this all about? Guess I'll see if I want to come back here again...

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