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Submission + - SPAM: Microsoft sneak previews "Deepfish" mobile

alphadogg writes: "Microsoft has unveiled a mobile Web browser aimed at making surfing the Internet on wireless devices as convenient and feature-rich as browsing on a PC. Code-named Deepfish, a preview of the technology is available from Microsoft's Live Labs Web site. The company said it is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and will close access to Deepfish once downloads reach a certain, unspecified number. [spam URL stripped]l ly-microsoft-unveils-deepfish-mobile.html"

Submission + - Google to Viacom-The law is clear, and on our side

An anonymous reader writes: Google responded to the opinion piece in the Washington Post by a Viacom Lawyer with a letter to the editor titled "An End Run on Copyright Law." "Viacom is attempting to rewrite established copyright law through a baseless lawsuit. In February, after negotiations broke down, Viacom requested that YouTube take down more than 100,000 videos. We did so immediately, working through a weekend. Viacom later withdrew some of those requests, apparently realizing that those videos were not infringing, after all. Though Viacom seems unable to determine what constitutes infringing content, its lawyers believe that we should have the responsibility and ability to do it for them. Fortunately, the law is clear, and on our side."
Lord of the Rings

EA Locks Up Lord of the Rings IP 51

Gamasutra has the word that EA has the Lord of the Rings IP locked up through the end of next year. With the additional license for the books under their wing and no competition from Vivendi, they have big plans set for their next game inside the franchise world. "The announcement follows EA's previously announced The Lord of the Rings: The White Council, an open world RPG for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. However, with EA making plans for a new The Lord Of The Rings title, the fate of this project, once referred to as the cryptic Project Gray Company, remains uncertain. EA confirmed in early February that the game, while not canceled, had been put on hold." Relatedly, Game|Life notes that one million players will soon be traveling through Middle Earth as the open beta for Lord of the Rings Online gets underway. If you signed up to get in, you probably will. Update: 03/30 04:00 GMT by Z : The text referring to the White Council game was edited on the Gamasutra story, and here as well to reflect that.
Role Playing (Games)

Guild Wars Expansion, Sequel Officially Announced 52

katalin writes "Arenanet, makers of the Guild Wars Massive game, have announced the first 'true' expansion pack to the game - Eye of the North. Next year will also see the beginning of a Beta test for a true sequel to the original Guild Wars. The new game will be substantially different from the current offering, with many elements similar to a more traditional fantasy Massively Multiplayer game. It still, however, will not require a monthly fee to play."

TJX Is Biggest Data Breach Ever 104

jcatcw writes "Jaikumar Vijayan reports for Computerworld that TJX is finally offering more details about the extent of the compromise which, at 45.6M cards, is the biggest ever. He has been following the story since it started. The systems that were broken into processed payment card, checks, and returns for customers of T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and A.J. Wright stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and customers of Winners and HomeSense stores in Canada and T.K. Maxx in the U.K. Customer names and addresses were not included in the stolen data. So far the company has spent about $5 million in connection with the breach. Several lawsuits that have been filed against the company, including a suit by the Arkansas Carpenters Pension Fund, one of its shareholders, for failure to divulge more details about the breach."

Submission + - Oracle, HP caught sending spam

kurmudgeon writes: The Register is running a article that documents Fortune 1000 companies' contributions to the spam epidemic.

From the article: "When it comes to bot-infested PCs that spew spam, most of us assume the owners are newbie users too naive or careless to follow basic security measures. Think again. There's a good chance that the penis enlargement email that just landed in your inbox is from a network maintained by Oracle, Hewlett-Packard or some other Fortune 1000 company."

The article draws on data gathered from a spam trap maintained by a company called Support Intelligence.

Submission + - Captchas on Google Login

An anonymous reader writes: I, and presumably many others, tried to log into gmail today — to find a new feature. The user is presented with a username and password box, as normal. But when a user submits the form, the input is ignored, and the login widget refreshes, now with a captcha below the password field. Presumably, they don't want bots logging in and sending spam. However, POP3 doesn't support captchas, so the bots can still send their spam. With the famous hordes of brilliant minds at google, you'd think they could detect bots abusing accounts, rather than taking such a braindead approach that does little but harm the usability of their site.

Sony May Be Planning 80GB PS3 107

narramissic writes "Included in a filing made by Sony to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) earlier this month regarding a change to the PlayStation 3's Bluetooth module is notification of a new PS3 game console with a higher-capacity hard-disk drive. From the cover letter: 'The model CECHE01 to be added by the difference of the capacity of hard disk.' It then says the new model will have an 80G-byte drive. Of course, Sony is downplaying these rumours, saying that 'Application to the FCC has been made with various possibilities in mind, however, it does not lead to a new product announcement at this time.'
United States

CA Proposes Rigorous Voting Machine Testing 172

christian.einfeldt writes "During her successful campaign for California Secretary of State, newly-minted California Elections Czar Debra Bowen spoke repeatedly of the need to use free open source software in voting machines to ensure the integrity of California's elections. Now that Secretary Bowen is acting on that campaign pledge, closed-source voting machine vendor Diebold worries aloud that rejecting its black-box voting machines could snarl California's elections. Diebold's concerns come at the same time that it is suing Massachusetts for declining to purchase those same voting machines." Quoting: "California's elections chief is proposing the toughest standards for voting systems in the country, so tough that they could [have the result of banishing] ATM-like touch-screen voting machines from the state. For the first time, California is demanding the right to try hacking every voting machine with 'red teams' of computer experts and to study the software inside the machines, line-by-line, for security holes."

Submission + - http://www.engadget.com/2007/03/29/apples-boot-cam

C0rinthian writes: According to Engadget the latest release of Boot Camp supports Windows Vista, as well as providing several enhancements while working in both Vista and XP.

the latest beta also includes updated drivers for the "trackpad, AppleTime, audio, graphics, modem, and iSight," and you can even control the action in Windows Media Player (and iTunes, of course) with the Apple Remote. Additionally, Apple is now invading your Windows system tray by adding an icon "for easy access to Boot Camp information and actions," and finally, you'll find Apple Software Update within both Windows XP and Vista environments.

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