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Submission + - Is programming ethical? (

jpritikin writes: Software can increase business efficiency. More can get done with less brute labor. This makes business more profitable, however, it also means that there will be fewer jobs. Are we seeing the cumulative effect of automation in macroeconomic data? And what are the ethical implications? I discuss these themes in a recent blog posting.

Submission + - Gov 2.0 team to educate on deliberative democracy (

An anonymous reader writes: "But we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned men's souls." A Gov 2.0 project seizes on Charlie Chaplin as a spokesperson. Taking a hint from the recent British documentary Us Now, The Democracy Foundation has formed a team to produce a film explaining their proposal for bringing Jim Fishkin style deliberative democracy to America. The National Initiative proposal is very different from the initiative process that we have in the twenty four states around the country. Those states – you just qualify, everybody throws money at it, and the people vote. That is not a good way to make law.

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