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Comment You are a moron!!!!! (Score 2) 171

1) comets come from the oort cloud located just outside the solar system. The oort cloud is full of fresh new Ice chuncks just waiting to be knocked toward the sun so they may become a comet.

2)The moon is moving away from the earth at an infintesimal rate, and Yes if it was a constant rate then it would have been long gone; however there is a thing called physics(I know you Fundimentalists don't think that is true either).
when the moon was closer to the earths gravity was much more powerful and while the centripital force of the moon pulled it away from the earth, the net force was actualy vary small, infact it was nearly non-existant. Over time the moon, with this small net force, began to move away from the earth, however, because of the small magnitude of the force, the moon moved at a much slower rate than it does today. therefore it could not have gotten any further from earth than it already is.

btw, the moon is not the same age as the earth and the earth is not the same age as the universe. please don't try placing all three on the same time table like the bible does.

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