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Submission + - Chrome on Android 50% faster than Safari on Iphone (

jperl writes: Testing by blaze software has shown that Chrome on Android performed much faster on 45.000 web pages than IPhone's Safari. Chrome performed better in 84% of the webpages, with an median loading time of 2.144 seconds, resulting in being 52% faster than Safari. Another suprising result was that iPhone 4.3 and Android 2.3 did not perform much faster than previous versions.

The study was done primarily on iPhone 4 and Google Nexus S. The websites used were those of the Fortune 1000 companies.

Meanwhile Apple has also released a statement explaining the gap in performance:


Submission + - Wikia is dead, all hail google (

jperl writes: Economic crisis has found another popular victim.
The free and open source web search engine Wikia will be closed down today at March 31, 2009. This was announced today by Jimmy Wales founder of wikipedia in his blog.
In an interview with CNet Jimmy Wales said:
"This one is too far away." and "It was going to take at least a another year to two before it's usable by the public, and we can't afford that right now."


Submission + - usb finger prothesis with handy linux

jperl writes: In his blog Jerry Jalava, a software engineer describes his new finger he needed after having had an motorcycle accident. The new finger prothesis has an usb stick inside with built in linux. So the developer has important programs always within reach. For the next version of his finger he already has plans to integrate an RFID chip.
Media (Apple)

Submission + - iTunes Gift Card System might not have been hacked

jperl writes: In "Clever Hack, or Carders-at-Work?" Joe Stewart, Senior Security Researcher at SecureWorks reasons why the itunes gift card key system might not have been hacked. According to him it's much more likely that stolen credit cards are used to buy the gift cards. Credit card numbers could be bought at black market and used then. Since there might be the same activation procedure for online gift cards, as there is for offline bought cards, this possibility is much more likely.

See the blog entry at:

Submission + - microsoft threatening open source

jperl writes: Microsoft vs. TomTom hast made Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols to writes in his blog about microsoft threatening open source projects and increasing the price for commercial open source support.

He writes:
Microsoft has essentially been giving companies a choice: pay us under the covers, and violate the GPL, or don't pay and risk a lawsuit.

Well to me this sound exactly like FUD.

Read more:

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