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Comment Re:Untouchable criminal (Score 1) 265

In fact, 46 people who were close to the Clintons have died during their 3 decades of political power.

In what world is that weird? The Clintons must have had thousands of people working for them over the past 30+ years. That 46 of those people have died should surprise nobody.

Comment Re:SpaceX customers (Score 3, Informative) 130

NASA has invested *heavily* in the development of the Falcon 9. From Wikipedia:

As of May 2012, SpaceX had operated on total funding of approximately $1 billion in its first ten years of operation. Of this, private equity provided about $200M, with Musk investing approximately $100M and other investors having put in about $100M (Founders Fund, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, ...).[54] The remainder has come from progress payments on long-term launch contracts and development contracts. As of April 2012, NASA had put in about $400–500M of this amount, with most of that as progress payments on launch contracts.[55]

NASA does take major risks. One of those risks was paying for SpaceX launches long before SpaceX had a track record.

Comment Re:It's a f... (Score 1) 559

Why are you using the event horizon as your measure? That's the radius that *light* get's trapped at. Things moving slower than light will become trapped in its gravity well much further out than the event horizon.

A one solar mass black hole will have the same gravity well as a 1 solar mass star, won't it? Isn't that what "1 solar mass" means?!!?

Comment Re:One can only hope (Score 2) 217

The (1/10 of one percent) rich have what at most 500 billion dollars in assets? You could kill all the undeserving rich, take all their assets - and how long would that last 2 months? Yah. Feel the Bern.

You're way off in your calculation. The top 1% in wealth starts at > $15 million (this was in 2007, it's certainly higher now). So, even assuming a totally flat distribution above 1% (which is *definitely* wrong), we're talking 15,000,000 * 0.001 * adults_in_USA. I don't know what population number they use for these calculations, but plug in any reasonable number for the USA and you're looking at a minimum of several trillion dollars.

You're absolutely bonkers if you think the top 0.1 % of the the wealthiest Americans only have combined assets of $500 billion. You could probably get to $500 billion *easily* with the top 100. That leaves a few hundred thousand left to go.

That being said, I do not endorse killing and taking the money of anybody, be they rich or poor =)

Comment Re:Oops... (Score 1) 123

Nobody wants to start another nuclear arms race, that's why. With nobody having any real missile defense, the major powers are on a relatively equal footing - MAD.

Developing missile defense technology would *increase* the chance of nuclear war, since someone might think they have a temporary advantage, or worse, think they're going to soon be at a disadvantage.

Comment Re:Why not learn directly from 3D OpenGL models? (Score 1) 45

Why not put your effort into building better models and learning from them directly?

Because the goal is to train a network that can be used in the real world, and our cameras don't capture models, they capture pretty pictures. We can't just use real-world data directly, because we don't have ground truth for real world data (e.g. that pixel is part of a human, and that pixel is part of a car, etc...)

Comment Re:~50% (Score 1) 741

Totalitarianism? How? Obama has very little actual power. He can't even get a Supreme Court justice through, and he's specifically granted that power in the Constitution.

One-party State - His party controls neither house, and has very little influence over either of them.

Dictatorship - See Totalitarianism.

Militarism - No more than any other US President. Sure, there's the drone strike thing, but Obama has also been extremely reluctant to bring the US into the conflict in Syria... so I think calling him militaristic is a massive stretch.

Mixed Economy - I don't know what to tell you. The US has been a mixed economy for a long time, and is less of a mixed economy than many modern states. Obamacare is still primarily private, certainly less of a mixed economy than most healthcare systems.

Comment Re:Pi (Score 2) 291

OP is obviously assuming that you'll leave the cell network connected to keep the time correct. That's the whole point of using a phone. Nobody is tracking a burner phone that has never been used, and even if somebody does bother to track it, what are they going to see?

Comment Re:~50% (Score 1) 741

Except that with Clinton, you pretty much know what you're getting: more of the same. With Trump... there's no telling what he might do. He *might* make some interesting changes. He also *might* invade Mexico. Better off with Clinton. Things could be much worse, and with Trump, there's a risk they will be.

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