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Comment Re:Overpriced. (Score 1) 821

$6100 dollars for 8 4Gb sticks from the apple store (configuring a mac pro). That's about $400 at newegg.

You're either lying or misinformed. You need DDR3 PC3-8500 ECC RAM for a Mac Pro. .

Yeah I have the choice of sticking to DDR2 which is just as good as DDR3 in pretty much EVERY case. And they used to charge $9600 for 16GB of DDR2 a year ago when someone tried talking me into getting Mac. At that time I could get 8gb of DDR2 for $40 bux after rebates on techbargains. No it's not ECC but I DON'T WANT OR NEED ECC. Regardless, I have to start at $2500 base price just to get a computer without the monitor attached (I have a beautiful 24" and 30") already.

Besides the punchline of my post was, I would pay Vista prices for OSX but they're too snobby to disable the BIOS lock. So saying that leopard costs $29 is an effing LIE. It would cost $2499 for me and not only get software that's obsolete in 3 years, but an enormous piece of aluminum to go with it.

Comment Re:Overpriced. (Score 2, Insightful) 821

Yeesh... apple is releasing snow leopard for $29 and microsoft is still pricing stuff like this? When will they learn that a lower price will likely increase the number of people willing to pay for it instead of pirating it.

Sure, you only have to pay twice as much for the non-upgradable hardware to run it.

$6100 dollars for 8 4Gb sticks from the apple store (configuring a mac pro). That's about $400 at newegg.

It's crap to compare the price of Mac OSX to Windows. I'd gladly pay Vista prices to run OSX on a PC.

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