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Comment Re:Payment vs Service (Score 1) 903

All right, lets go with more details and numbers.

First, pensions. The number I gave you is a full pension, not everyone gets one and many elderly women would have to live of the pension of their (possibly dearly departed) husband. See here for details. So the 1100 euro is for two people and it is an AVERAGE.

Second, health costs. A healthy pensioner will have plenty with that 100 euro a month. Sadly, old age does not always mean good health.

Third, living costs, check this. Especially electricity, water, internet and phone costs.

Fourth rental prices, seriously, 400 euro does not get you much. You can live in an apartment in an out of the way area of the country with little to no public transportation (for example, where I live, a bus takes an hour to get to Antwerp and the train passes through once an hour - i'm 15km from the city center, it gets worse from here). Sure you'll have a roof over your head.

All in all, yes the average pensioner will survive and no you won't have much room.

Comment Re:Damned if you do, damned if you don't. (Score 1) 478

Frankly, that is not the point. The point is that people have to work with him, women included. He is a representation of all the problems they have in the tech industry and the company they work for says, "it's fine as long as he does it in private" ? Not OK. These people remain breathing, thinking, feeling humans, however much this conflicts with "being professional".

I am not saying he is not entitled to his opinion and any sex life he can find willing participants for but there are limits. If you wish to challenge me on that, think pedophile. Some children are desperate for attention, any attention, as are some men and women. That does not make it right. These people are, even if they are willing and do not understand it, victims. I'm even convinced that some of the perpetrators do not understand what they are doing (that does not make it right but it does mean they need help too). This may or may not include Larry.

Perhaps it's time for another Hitler, just to drive home the point that there are limits to what viewpoints a society should accept. ANY viewpoint that degrades another human being is unacceptable . Be it based on gender, sexual orientation, nationality, skin color, religion or any other silly argument, any and all of it is unacceptable. There are NO exceptions.

And before someone starts about terrorists, islam and ISIS... these people should be judged on their actions, not the belief system they chose to justify those actions. (And yes, there are some things in Islam that violate that rule above, as there are in Christianity).

Comment Damned if you do, damned if you don't. (Score 0) 478

This is a complex matter, way beyond "personal life".

Because this is brought into the open, supporting this Larry is supporting this philosophy. Gender equality and male dominance are a very touchy subject in the technology industry, rightly so, too.

On the other side, banning Larry is supporting the tactics by this disgruntled colleague. Not something you want to support either.

Personally, I would throw them both out and damn the consequences but I am one to put principles over practicalities.

Comment Re:So you exclude half the taxes and what you get? (Score 1) 903

Maximum pay for the first 3 months is 2550 euro or 65% of your last pay, whichever is less. Then 3 months 60% or the 2550 followed by 6 months 60% or 2375. After that twelve months 2200 euro. All amounts are before taxes. We are also obliged to present proof of applying for jobs or face cancellation. It can easily take several months before unemployment benefits start running unless you are a union member, then it is paid normally from the first month (the unions take care of the paperwork and are accredited payment agencies but the current government has considered cancelling that because they think it gives the unions too much power). You can try translating this for full details. It's better than what you have but it isn't a paid holiday.

Comment Re:Payment vs Service (Score 1) 903

I'm a Belgian. The average pension is around 1100 euro a month. If you know that renting small apartment of decent quality (you know, no mold and stuff) starts at around 700 euro, nobody here is getting rich on their pension.

Everyone here ALSO pays for extra insurance from out paychecks because public healthcare just isn't enough for anything beyond basic stuff (broken bone, dental care, a cold, ...).

Comment Re:So you exclude half the taxes and what you get? (Score 1) 903

I'm in Belgium. This is one list we top... and yes, we also have to get our utilities inspected at our own cost for a new connection, electricity, water, gas, sewage, etc. And guess what, we also pay yearly property taxes. If we buy a property, we pay 10% registration costs plus notary costs on top of that.

We do get government healthcare but a lot of people pay for private health insurance on top because not everything gets paid for. We have unemployment benefits but they last only two years. If you are unemployed for longer: tough luck.

On top of that we pay 21% VAT on pretty much everything that isn't food (6%).

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