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Comment But the states! (Score 1) 1430

I wonder which elector he would have vote against the candidate chosen by the will of the people in his or her own state. That's kind of the point. And this business about Wyoming voters having more than one vote kills me. By that logic they have more than one vote on everything that passes through the Senate as well.

Comment Re:Who is getting ripped off here? (Score 1) 106

That's why I said "almost all." Many will see it immediately, most will see it eventually, and some may never see it. Still far, far better than sending to an e-mail list or hoping the user will (register and then) post in your comments section. It works and we prove it every day. And if it builds Facebook's business then all the better.

Comment Re:Virtual Machines (Score 1) 606

> You take 100 employs making 20/hr sitting and doing nothing for 2 - 3 hours and you've bought yourself the cost of the PC's.

Only if you buy PCs for $40-60 per. What probably happened is the owner's terminal was connected to the failed switch, and then someone had a really bad day.

Submission + - Gravity Theory Mod May Rule Out Dark Matter 2

pupitetris writes: Newton may prove himself right again when he stated that we should better find the forces that explain the movement of the stars, rather than claiming the existence of misterious and undetectable substances: S. Mendoza and X. Hernandez, two mexican astrophysicists, postulate a modification to the equation of the theory of gravity that explain the current observations of large-scale phenomena that couldn't be previously explained using gravity alone, while still retaining consistency with medium and small scale observations. This renders the Dark Matter theory unnecessary, and provides a cleaner and more ellegant solution to outer-space observations that have startled scientists for decades.

Submission + - Stuxnet Infects 30000 Industrial Computers in Iran (

eldavojohn writes: The BBC and AFP are releasing more juicy details about the now infamous Stuxnet worm that Iranian officials have confirmed infected 30,000 industrial computers inside Iran following those exact fears. The targeted systems that the worm is designed to infect are Siemens SCADA systems. Talking heads are speculating that the worm is too complex for an individual or group causing blame to be placed on Israel or even the United States — although the US official claims they do not know the origin of the virus. Iran claims it did not infect or place any risk to the new nuclear reactor in Bushehr which experts are suspecting was the ultimate target of the worm.

Submission + - PS3 Jailbreaks Galore Released 1

YokimaSun writes: Following up on yesterdays story about the PS3 being hacked by one of its own Official Controllers, theres now a guide in English that details how to Mod a Sixaxxis Controller, but thanks to the very latest releases, if you dont like soldering you can now use an Ipod, a Pandora Console or even a Dingoo Console. Finally Jaicrab has released a USB Firmware Loader which will come in handy once the first Custom Firmware for the PS3 is released. Maybe then we will get region free Blueray, PS1 and PS2 Games.

Comment Re:So they can just keep stolen property then? (Score 2, Informative) 340

In the US at least it wouldn't be a warrant or a police action. You would just file suit against the chip maker, the vet, and the guy who has your dog as John Doe. During discovery the records would be subpoenaed and John Doe would be named in the suit.

It's the same way you go after an unknown person on the Internet. File suit, name the ISP and the anonymous offender, subpoena the offender's name.

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