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The Internet

IsoHunt Petitions Canadian Court For Copyright Blessing 217

A Cow writes "As an act of self-defense, the popular BitTorrent site isoHunt has decided to file a petition to ask the Court of British Columbia to confirm that isoHunt — and sister sites Torrentbox and Podtropolis — do not infringe copyright. isoHunt owner Gary explains to TorrentFreak: 'Our petition summarizes BitTorrent technology, its open nature and a whole ecosystem of websites and operators that has developed around it, that CRIA does not own copyright to all files distributed over BitTorrent or on isoHunt websites, and we seek legal validation that we can continue to innovate within this emerging BitTorrent ecosystem on the Internet.'"

The Complete History of Nintendo 118

SlappingOysters writes "Gameplayer are running a comprehensive feature on the history of Nintendo that runs through all 119 years of their existence, from humble card maker to gaming powerhouse. It is documented in chronological order and includes a stack of trivia about the company that will be thoroughly enjoyed by all Nintendo fans. As an interesting side note, it links to a sister article that explores how Mario can improve your sex life."

Comment Re:Democracy (Score 1) 388

I'm sorry but this is getting out of control. Either you're doing a fantastic job of trolling or you really are this thick. First of all, yo might like to think about the artist. If everyone downloads, they don't make any money, and they won't be able to afford to make more music. Then you won't be able to hear any more, no matter how much you enjoy it. Does that work for your selfish attitude enough? Second, a lot of items in stores have no protection and it's incredibly easy to just walk out with one in your pocket. But you wouldn't, because that's obviously theft. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

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