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Comment Re:Zotero is a felony (Score 2) 87

Zotero doesn't allow you to do bulk downloads. It automatically downloads the pdf relating to the article on the current page but only when you add that article to your database (which requires a click). And I don't even think that option is on by default. At most it saves you a few clicks.

Comment Re:That's his right (Score 5, Insightful) 471

I have the absolute natural right to videotape anything my eye can behold, period.

That's a weird point. Your eye does not have perfect vision, you do not hold your memories indefinitely and you cannot feed what you see to a computer to be scanned and analyzed forever. It's one thing for you to look at me, it's a whole other thing when your machine does it. I agree that's the way the world is going, but shouldn't we feel sad about it? We can marvel at the technology, and as geeks we do, but seriously? Perfect infinite crowd-funded surveillance? Of everyone and everything? How is that a good thing?


Submission + - Steam for Linux is now an open beta (

jotaass writes: In news that are guaranteed to make the Linux gaming community (in particular, but not exclusively) excited, Valve has just announced that
the Steam for Linux client Beta is now open to the public. A .deb package is available here. Interesting as well, they are using an empy GitHub repository solely as an issue tracker, open for anyone to submit, edit and track bugs, with no actual code in the repo.

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 1) 179

Also, possession of personal quantities of just about every drug has been decriminalized in Portugal, for about 10 years now. The result has been a decrease in drug use and all associated problems.

This is a closely-guarded secret held under wraps by the US government, corporate-owned media, Big Pharma, and most especially the sickening for-profit prison corporations. You as a US citizen will NEVER hear about this on the news. Bill Maher should open every show talking about Portugal and compare it US prison statistics.

Indeed. I must admit that I'm a quite well-educated libertarian-ish American who has been online since the early 90s and find my way to all kinds of alternative media outlets, and yet this is actually the first I've heard of Portugal's drug policy.

Hell, I'm Portuguese and this is the first time I've heard of Portugal's drug policy.

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