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Submission + - Developers fork OwnCloud to create Nextcloud (

sfcrazy writes: Core developers and founder of ownCloud have forked the project to create a new open source project called Nextcloud. They are also founding a new German company with the same name with Spreedbox founder Niels Mache. The engineers who quit ownCloud, as well as Jos Poortvliet, the former community manager of openSUSE and ownCloud Inc., are joining Nextcloud. They are also setting up a foundation to oversee Nextcloud development. The foundation will own the Nextcloud trademark and it will be licenced to the company for usage. The biggest change that they are making is to eliminate CLAs (Contributor Licence Agreements) so that developers will not be required to sign a CLA to contribute to Nextcloud. CLAs have been a controversial topic within the open source community.

Comment Re:Don't forget about SeaFile (Score 1) 82

Well, it depends on what you want I suppose. ownCloud does a lot of things with external storage, where we obviously have to store information about the files to offer search, sharing and all the other functionality. ownCloud 9.0 actually introduces the ability for ownCloud to use such features in the filesystem if they're there - or at least, a API to make the storage plugins do that. This is needed as we want to scale through the Petabyte storage barrier - see

Comment Re:Don't forget about SeaFile (Score 1) 82

Sorry, ownCloud currently does no transcoding and things like that. While such functions could be added, it isn't there today. It can play videos - by providing them to your browser. Works for most formats, but not perfect. The music player is cool but doesn't scale, at least not to my collection (100 GB mp3's).

This is mostly meant as a 'file sync and share', that's the base of ownCloud: make your files available wherever you are, and wherever those files are (you can mount ftp, samba, webdav, dropbox and other things in ownCloud and get at your files in one place).

Comment Re: Don't forget about SeaFile (Score 1) 82

Hmm, I wrote the page, but didn't expect somebody to take the "a safe home for all your data" to mean you can sync your entire home. ownCloud is a replacement for the big proprietary end user 'clouds' like Google, Dropbox etc - give it one or multiple folders and the sync client syncs them between devices; you can share files, comment on them in the web UI, edit them online or locally and so on.

Sharing an entire home folder on Linux, no, that won't work. Lots of 'special' files and folders that won't be synced (eg symbolic or hard links, dotfiles and all that) because that would not work cross-platform, for one. And if you'd use two systems at once, you get loads of conflict files. Oh, and yes, permissions and user settings... probably wouldn't work either. The POSIX stuff is great but doesn't work on Windows or Mac so we just can't support that - lowest common denominator, sad but that's how it is - most of our 8 million users are on Windows.

Sorry that it didn't work out - and isn't designed that way. Hope you find another solution which can help you better.

Comment Re:Does it scale better now? (Score 1) 82

We're working with CERN, AARNet and others to bring ownCloud to a higher level of scalability. right now, petabyte level filesystems are no problem but going beyond that is hard. ownCloud 9.0 introduces changes to break through that barrier. See for more info. Of course, if you're merely talking about a few hundred terrabyte of data, ownCloud won't have any issues with it if it's set up properly. I suggest you check out the deployment recommendations: There is ONE performance issue left: very many (thousands) of very small (under 100 KB) files syncing with the client. With very large files and fat network pipes, you probably also should increase the chunck size in the client to improve network performance.

Comment Re:Does it scale better now? (Score 1) 82

Well, considering how ownCloud probably does more than seafile to secure seafile... yeah, that's reported by our security guy. The other reports got silently fixed - there's not much of a proper, transparent security process there. But if you believe it's more secure than ownCloud, good luck with earning money on ownCloud's lack of security: - check the hackerone program.

Comment could be` (Score 1) 2

I totally believe that there are reasons to dislike the currently proposed solutions to deal with climate change. And yeah, Republicans might have a problem with those solutions rather than the problem itself. They do seem to produce pretty massive numbers of quotes which don't show any of that, making it rather hard to believe this study - but hey. Benefit of the doubt. Then how about the do some good proposals which deal with the problem equally well but in a way which takes economic realities into account? I'm dying to hear better ideas than government regulations - I can't believe the Democrats wouldn't rejoice if a realistic proposal to combat climate change was put on the table by a Republican, even if it didn't involve government regulations. And the rest of the world would love it too, I bet. Carbon Fee and Dividend is heavily opposed by Republicans, by the way, and certainly a government thing, so I don't see how this is any better than the current proposals...

Submission + - ownCloud 8.1 is out with little features but more stability (

jospoortvliet writes: ownCloud has made the 8.1 release available, talking about under the hood improvements, increasing scalability and performance rather than features. There are some but it seems mostly minor which is exactly what many users have been asking for. Much security and documentation work was done, too. Get more information on

Part of the stabilization has been working with the Atom Smashers in CERN on a testing tool called Smashbox:
Blog 1:
Blog 2:

Submission + - ownCloud Server 8 released (

An anonymous reader writes: The ownCloud community, developing the world’s most popular open source file sync and share software, today released ownCloud Server 8.0 With more than 2 million users worldwide, ownCloud installs easily on a web server, enabling anyone to host their own file sync and share software while using their own storage (and/or cloud storage if they choose), instead of relying on third parties with files stored outside of their control.

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