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Comment my observations about this (Score 1) 420

I've noticed this since about third grade. I can read faster (by a lot usually) than pretty much everybody I ever encounter. However, if I'm reading a book and two or more characters have names that "look" like each other, it seriously messes me up. That and spelling was very difficult before spell checkers came about. I can tell that something is spelled wrong because it looks off, but can't sound out how to actually spell it. Also, reading out loud was VERY painful for me all through school and even now I avoid it at all costs. So reading quickly came with a few downsides. It's still awesome to blow through pretty large books in less than a day though.

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Except I hadn't actually downloaded them yet. I mostly bought them as a show of support for a DRM free company that was bringing back old games. It was MOO 1 and 2. I just liked knowing I had them out there when I wanted them. I've also since bought the same games on steam, when they later came there. Guess where I can download them from RIGHT NOW if I wanted. This is what makes me less likely to buy from them in the future.

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