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PC Games (Games)

Submission + - PC Game Piracy Examined (

joshtheitguy writes: Koroush Ghazi at has written a very in depth and very thorough article into the effects of Piracy on the future of PC gaming.

If there's a single topic that's guaranteed to cause heated debate among PC gamers today, it's piracy and the impact it's having on the PC gaming industry. Almost every gamer you speak to has a strong opinion on this topic, ranging from full support for piracy to total condemnation of it. In the past year in particular this issue has really come to a head, with one major PC game developer after another stepping forward to point to piracy as a clear and present danger to the industry.

Well worth a read


Submission + - Psystar to Countersue Apple (

joshtheitguy writes: Psystar citing anti-trust laws is preparing a defense to countersue Apple:

Apple's suit and Psystar's defense both center around the Mac OS X license that prohibits it from being installed on any other hardware. Apple claims this to be copyright infringement, while Psystar alleges that the license itself is a violation of antitrust laws. The company says that Apple inflates the prices for its hardware and the end user license agreement unfairly prevents other companies from competing with alternative systems.


Submission + - AMD forces Intel to turn over more documents (

joshtheitguy writes: It appears that Intel might be in even more hot water in the AMD Anti-trust lawsuit pending against them:

Intel has been ordered to release more documentation due to the fact that there were several company policies about information retention that were not followed either by failure of individuals to enforce the policies or lack of notification to employees to retain the information in question during AMD's discovery process.
Regardless of the motives Intel, they are forced to hand over even more information that might relate, show evidence or refer to the failure of Intel to comply with a Litigation Hold Notice or retention instruction.The requested information could possibly show that there was a intentional sabotage of AMD's discovery or that it was only a few to blame within the organization. Intel has a deadline of midnight tonight to release the information to AMD.

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