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Comment Re:Conversations before Appointment (Score 1) 890

I think we are a long way from a Trump impeachment and conviction. I still can't see the Republicans sacrificing themselves when they control Congress and, at least no.inally the White House.

You're probably right, but given Trump's arrogance, thin skin, and dubious track record on Republican values, I suspect he'll get crossways with Congress long before his term is over.

Comment Re:slashdot == political paparazzo tabloid (Score 3, Insightful) 890

There is talk among Washington reporters that they actually wonder if Trump is in possession of his faculties.

If it were you or me that would be a forgone conclusion. However, the problem with claiming that Trump is mental is that his behavior is exactly why you'd expect from a spoiled brat billionaire grown old and cranky.

Comment Re:Seventy Percent (Score 3, Interesting) 180

Sorry to be the skeptic, but 70% of the time isn't really that high

That would be a pathetic result in machine learning.

I wonder if it was double-blind.

I wonder if 50% of the test questions were 'yes' and 50% 'no'.

I wonder whether the test questions were presented in random order.

I wonder if it requires a human interpretor.

I wonder if other researchers can duplicate the results.

Sounds like someone is trying to apply a lie detector to unconscious people.

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