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Comment Just a warning when uninstalling FF4 beta 9 (Score 0) 537

When uninstalling the beta 9, do not make the same mistake I made by clicking 'delete personal preferences' because despite what I thought would only delete it's own profile, it actually annihilated my 3.5.15 FF profile removing everything including passwords, bookmarks and history.

Comment Re:It's automation, not laziness! (Score 0) 252

I don't personally see a major nuisance with this, the trouble with the new implementations is that they are all being pushed in too fast. Here's a couple examples

* instant search
* category selection at the top has now permanently moved to the side
* images section has completely changed and it's just a bit annoying use sometimes

Comment Re:FF4 (Score 0) 352

I have no extensions running anymore to try and cut down the extremely numerous times it crashes. It's never done that before. It'll crash on any web page and my firefox has been recently reinstalled. I will most likely downgrade to an older version. I always report the crashes and put my email in too.

Comment Lasers and aliens (Score 0) 264

Here's s couple thoughts: if we had a powerful laser, could we zap it? What about putting some infective virus like nanobots that eat in at the asteroid.

Also, if we detect an asteroid that's big enough to destroy us all and nothing destroys it for us, we will know aliens aren't here trying to protect us for some reason.

Comment Re:GPS? (Score 0) 218

But if your ultimately in control of where "it takes you", you're still in control. Most people would prefer to be driven to work so they can sit in the back watching a film or calling people or whatever it is. I'd love to have my car drive me to work whilst I eat the day before's pizza.

Comment Re:GPS? (Score 0) 218

I'm all for autonomous driving (for example, after having one too many drinks, your car could simply drive you and your friends back) however, lets be honest - the roads are never perfect and there will sometimes be cats/cogs/other large animals included as well as people and other things like people on bikes or horses on the roads. That's in Britain at least.

Comment Re:Facebook dead (Score 0) 579

Just because myspace is in heavy decline doesn't mean they were doing all the wrong things. facebook is severely lacking in the music area and apple have been luck/smart/quick enough to try and capture that market. Users are on the rise for music, just check out spotify/ sometime. Personally I hope that the quicker we get away from status updates and the focus on what we're all doing in the very moment the better.

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