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Comment Shocking (Score 5, Interesting) 187

Organization accustomed to operating in secret resists the notion of having a potential opposing viewpoint to consider. I understand that they feel this suggested reform indicated the American people have decided they do not trust in the impartial judgment of this panel. Perhaps we should just remove the defense attorney from criminal proceedings as well. That should clear out the case backlog, I mean obviously Federal judges are beyond reproach. Let's kill the appellate courts while we are at it too. That should save time and money as well.

Comment Re:HAHA SUCKERS! (Score 1) 263

If you'll recall it came down to SC or the space station. The space station was thought to create more jobs in the long run, so that's where the pork went. As many commenters have mentioned, there has been not much of substance out of the LHC. On the other hand..... thinking about the space station makes my stomach hurt.

Comment Re:I will believe ... (Score 2) 216

Here's the problem with your argument.... In most cases it is becoming apparent that data is being collected outside the established rules of the road. You are quite naive if you believe that intelligence and law enforcement agencies are somehow "better" in the EU member states. Just to refresh your memory, some of those same EU member states accepted prisoners for enhanced interrogation methods.

Comment The Problem here is not marriage (Score 5, Insightful) 1073

Again we see that the Courts are saying that citizen groups do not have standing to support laws placed on the books by their elected officials. Much as Obama refused to defend DOMA, the CA AG and Governor decided not to defend a duly passed statue. This is beyond the pale. IF you don't like a law, get it changed through the process outlined in the Federal and most State Constitutions. This imperial head of state nonsense must end. For the record, I have no objection to the outcome, I just feel there is too much wrong with the way these outcomes are coming about these days. You have no moral standing to complain about FISA, the NSA or the Patriot Act if you defend the way the executive branch in CA and the US acted and the manner SCOTUS came to this ruling.

Comment Re:Now intel users can play 10 year old games :D (Score 1) 133

Exactly. It seems we hear this every time has an integrated graphics upgrade. By that I mean a chorus of marketing speak to make us believe their graphics offerings compete and surpass with lower end discrete GPUs. In reality, there is hype, hope and ultimately disappointment as the parts actually end up in the hands of users. It's getting old. Integrated GPUs are still great for office applications and basic OS effects rendering. The real benefit is cost savings to manufacturers and battery savings to users. It's a trade-off, nothing more. Not saying they don't have a place, but let's be realistic....

Comment And... (Score 1) 305

Many of those devices are also self contained computers with everything you need to use them included at that price. Not making a dumb comparison, just pointing out that there are flaws in the reasoning behind the last sentence of TFS.

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