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Journal Journal: my Comcast experience today... October 7, 2006

Today My roommate and I went to Comcast to exchange one of out cable box. It was acting a little funny. On certain channels, the picture was coming in blocky and pixelized. When I called them up about this I was told to exchange the box. Today we went in to exchange the box. The current box is a Motorola box. This is the newer box. The box they gave me was a Digital Instruments machine, which they no longer make.

When I said to the lady that it looked biger, she said it wasn't. When I said it looked like an older box I had traded in 2 years ago ( because it was slow and buggy ) she said they are all the same.

THEY ARE NOT THE SAME BOX! The clerk deliberately lied to me. In my opinion this was deliberate and she should be fired for blatently lieing to customers. Apparently we are not the only ones they lied to though.

When we got the box home we found IT was bigger than the original box we had ( we have 2 cable boxes ). This exchanged box was very slow too.

My roommate was so pissed he had me unhook the box and he took it back to them and complained to get the old box back.

I'm so pissed at Comcast, I'm tempted to do a commercial for Direct TV!

If I could only convince my roommate to get Direct TV now, as the place is in his name.


Journal Journal: slavery in america

Conspiracy aside, yesterday I heard a republican on Bill Maher say that we need to take our prison inmates and make them work. That in combination with the making illegal immigrants felons, make it such that people come across the boarder or are framed for drug usage ( easy to frame people for that ), suddenly we have a slave labor work force.

If you think this is not happening already, the prisons in Mississippi are publicly traded prisons, and people do get framed. If you want to deny this, then you are just fooling yourself and you probably believe that the world was created in 6 days.

Journal Journal: Roommate lied!

My roommate did not just click the link, the link had a username and password field on it, so he entered his.

He was caught by the fish, and then lied to me about it by saying that all he did was click the link.

I don't like being lied to! So I'm pissed at him about this!


Journal Journal: yahoo, phish... cont...

We'll its been at least a week or so, and the site is still up and the user still has their account that they use to phish. People have lots their Yahoo! accounts and Yahoo! has done nothing about this. After searching google and Yahoo!, it seems that there are many Yahoo! phish out there that deal with Yahoo! IM and numerous people have stated that Yahoo! has done nothing to help them and has not removed more than 5000 phishing sites. I'm not sure how accurate that number is, but after my experience with them, I've decided that I can see that as being a realistic number.

I wonder how many internet companies, banks, and such REALLY do anything to phishers and hackers.

Journal Journal: new Yahoo! IM phish swimming in the wild!

I've submitted this as a story to /., but don't know if they will post this. just in case they don't, I'm posting this here.

There is a new Yahoo! IM phish out in the wild. Its worse than any other phish, because all a user has to do is click the link and they loose access to their Yahoo! account. My roommate was caught in the phish, and all he did was click the link and he was locked out of his Yahoo! account.

The phish shows up as a IM from someone who has you in their buddy list. The IM has a link like most phish and says you should see these pictures. The link is to a geocities.com web site ( geocities.com / hohoho_christmas_hohoho [ don't go their if you are logged into a Yahoo! account ] ). If you are logged into Yahoo! IM and click the link, you are then locked out of your Yahoo! account. It actually changes your Yahoo! password and also your birthdate and possibly other things in your Yahoo! account. You then have to create a new account and abandon your old Yahoo! account.

Yahoo! does not supply a phone number or an easy way to contact someone about this type of abuse and help you get your account back. You can report it via an HTML form, but you probably wont be able to get them to get your account back.

I've reported this to Yahoo! but have a feeling that this is the start of a new phishing year in 2006.

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