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Journal josepha48's Journal: my Comcast experience today... October 7, 2006

Today My roommate and I went to Comcast to exchange one of out cable box. It was acting a little funny. On certain channels, the picture was coming in blocky and pixelized. When I called them up about this I was told to exchange the box. Today we went in to exchange the box. The current box is a Motorola box. This is the newer box. The box they gave me was a Digital Instruments machine, which they no longer make.

When I said to the lady that it looked biger, she said it wasn't. When I said it looked like an older box I had traded in 2 years ago ( because it was slow and buggy ) she said they are all the same.

THEY ARE NOT THE SAME BOX! The clerk deliberately lied to me. In my opinion this was deliberate and she should be fired for blatently lieing to customers. Apparently we are not the only ones they lied to though.

When we got the box home we found IT was bigger than the original box we had ( we have 2 cable boxes ). This exchanged box was very slow too.

My roommate was so pissed he had me unhook the box and he took it back to them and complained to get the old box back.

I'm so pissed at Comcast, I'm tempted to do a commercial for Direct TV!

If I could only convince my roommate to get Direct TV now, as the place is in his name.

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