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Comment Re: Thank Jesus... (Score 1) 243

That's assuming we still have a deadlocked court by next session. This still has to work its way through the appellate courts, and that will take another year, at least. So that means SCOTUS wouldn't hear the petition until at least the 2017-2018 docket, and I pray we have a full court by that point at least.

Comment Re:Thank Jesus... (Score 2) 243

Well, one court circuit has created the precedent that APIs are copyrightable. That's not to say that same judgement applies in any other by default, you could still press the argument in another court (albeit with an uphill battle) that APIs can't be copyrighted. Two contradictory decisions can occur simultaneously in different circuits, it's how many of the social issues SCOTUS has dealt with lately have come to them. And that's probably where it would lead, to the Supreme Court, who would rule once and for all.

Comment Re: Did you even read anything you linked? (Score 1) 238

What? Since when is science a court of law? New scientific hypotheses aren't assumed to be false before they're proven true, the assumption depends on the experiment and background knowledge (and perhaps the gumption of the experimenter). New scientific theories aren't assumed false before they're proven true, nor are scientific laws assumed to be false before you can point to something and say, 'aha! it is true after all!' To become a theory or law in the first place requires many observations or calculations of an aspect of our universe, and then also ensuring that these results don't come about by some other means.

But all of this is subject to new ideas and new interpretations. It used to be thought true that the atom was the smallest particle in the universe. It used to be thought true that the sun orbited the Earth. It used to be thought true that the species of the Earth were placed here fully formed and evolved to their final states. All of this has been since proven otherwise by later information, but for a time these were scientific truths.

And finally, have you observed the Big Bang? Have you really been unable to know both the speed and position of an electron or are you just not trying hard enough? Observation has never been an absolute necessity for science, calculation and proving the negative are just as much a part of the scientific method as physical observation.

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