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Comment Re:Rent not sell (Score 1) 226

There's that fuzzy grey area in the middle now, though, like with most video games and other software, where you can have a copy of the files and resources needed to run the software, but the company considers you a lessee and not an owner of that software copy. Their EULA lets them pull your rights any time you violate it and can cut off support at any moment when they decide to give up on it. This is despite it being a purchase, with no up-front contract unless you use stores like Steam or Origin (and even then many products have their own EULA with more draconian terms), and not a deliberate contracted rental period you've entered.

Comment Re:Note to self (Score 1) 226

It's really a shame that open source hardware (of real components and not just SOCs) isn't more of a thing. Printers might be a little more complex, but "just build your own" has more validity when there is actually resources to draw from. Maybe some 3D printed parts could work (and work long-term) to build your own system if someone cared to design it.

Comment Re:Smart lots are better than smart trackers of lo (Score 1) 50

Most meters in my downtown have a 2 hour maximum, some even as low as 30 minutes, and they always forbid parking during rush hours (your time will end at exactly 4pm on weekdays) on the main thoroughfares. They also have a parking app for phones and accept credit cards at the pay station (one per block) so it's easy to add more time if you need it, even remotely from the app, up to your 2 hour max. I'm sure they make up the "lost" revenue from extensions from people who leave their spots before the time is up. Since the meters are paid from a central location, there's no jumping on someone's extra time or feeding meters.

Comment Re:perfect opportunity (Score 1) 62

This can happen for a number of reasons, actually. Sometimes it's an actual mistake, but also possible is a rephrasing of the line to make it easier to caption or easier to understand. Since captioning is most often geared towards Deaf people, and many grew up with English as a second language, some idioms and turns of phrase can seem out of context and aren't as appropriate for captions. There are some who bristle at this attempt at hand-holding and think captions should be 100% accurate to dialogue, while others are fine with some revisions to make it easier, but either way this is a thing that can happen. Also possible is censorship or mismatched captions to the video.

Comment Re:perfect opportunity (Score 1) 62

What are you talking about? Closed captioning for most media is manually entered and synced with the time. Speech-to-text captions (like those on YouTube) have far less accuracy, although sometimes they put real-time captioning (think televised news) to shame. But most of what you see on TV and everything on DVDs is written and checked by a human, and is not entirely reliant on STT transcription.

Comment Re:Not really true (Score 1) 213

Pretty much. I always shake my head at people who tell these stories as if they were the best thing ever, and I have to bite my tongue to keep from groaning and saying something nasty when they get to the part where "and the whole theater applauded when the credits rolled." No, no, no, no, no, no, NO! The movie is not a theater production, and unless you're at a premiere with the cast and crew, no one in that movie cares that you applauded for them.

Give me a DVD or streaming version and I'll watch the movie and appreciate it, I might even post on social media about it. But I'm not going to be a dumbass and applaud.

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