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United States

Journal Journal: Cession of No. Virginia

Let me state as a matter of my own opinion that northern Virginia; let's say that portion north of a line between Front Royal and Manassas, should be ceded to Maryland.Those citizens up there don't know there's anything south of there, and moreover don't care. The proof is in the legislative record of every carpetbagging politican they send to Richmond to abscond with moneys that should be sent to the south.
Operating Systems

Journal Journal: Microsoft breaks Windows 7 three-apps netbook handicap
This link points to the captioned article. And describes not what so called Windows 7 Starter Edition can do, but what it can't. Typical Microsoft; "How do we make win7 work on a netbook?" Cripple it until it's useless! That's their way. Let's see, no streaming media, no dvd playback, no etcetera. Wait a minute! Ubuntu Netbook remix and undoubtedly other Linux netbook installs do these and the other things one expects to do on a computer. Chalk another one up for the penguin.

Journal Journal: What I wish was forthcoming from Apple

So the pundits and slashdotters are supposing a tablet device will come from Apple next year. All well and good if so, and I hope it does well, but what I really want is a netbook. A reasonable priced netbook. Well we all know there'd be a premium to pay to have such a thing. Gosh, Apple spends millions just to design the cardboard boxes its computers come in. Still it's a good bet Apple could make plenty with a netbook, and I'd be happy to buy one. I know the rumour mill insists it's coming; and I wait with bated breath.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Head in the Clouds...not This link points to a Linuxinsider article concerning among other things the beta of Ubuntu One, and makes much about cloud computing which many are talking about these days. I just want to say to anyone or no one, that I for one, do not wany my files and data stored online. Hello? If I fail to take backups or my computer goes up in smoke it's no one's fault but mine. But put my faith out there in some, er, cloud, and, well, I just won't risk it, it doesn't make sense. And because people's data is out there, it WILL be hacked and stolen. It's just a matter of time. Nope can't do it, just can't do it.

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