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Comment Ahead behind? I dunno (Score 1) 10

The reason I don't know is that I don't use gmail so have no way judge, but I have two email addys which attract nothing but spam, and I only visit those to see if it's the same old cheap pills and you know what, which it always is. But the one email addy that I actually use to talk to people never gets any spam at all, much to my delight and wonderment. So is that ahead or behind the curve?
United States

Journal Journal: Cession of No. Virginia

Let me state as a matter of my own opinion that northern Virginia; let's say that portion north of a line between Front Royal and Manassas, should be ceded to Maryland.Those citizens up there don't know there's anything south of there, and moreover don't care. The proof is in the legislative record of every carpetbagging politican they send to Richmond to abscond with moneys that should be sent to the south.

Harsh Words From Google On Linux Development 948

jeevesbond writes "The alpha version of Google Chrome is now available for GNU/Linux. Google Chrome developer and former Firefox lead Ben Goodger has some problems with the platform though. His complaints range from the lack of a standardised UI toolkit, inconsistencies across applications, the lack of a unified and comprehensive HIG, to GTK not being a very compelling toolkit. With Adobe getting twitchy about the glibc fork and previously describing the various audio systems as welcome to the jungle, is it time to concentrate on consolidation and standardisation in GNU/Linux in general, and the desktop in particular?"
Operating Systems

Journal Journal: Microsoft breaks Windows 7 three-apps netbook handicap

This link points to the captioned article. And describes not what so called Windows 7 Starter Edition can do, but what it can't. Typical Microsoft; "How do we make win7 work on a netbook?" Cripple it until it's useless! That's their way. Let's see, no streaming media, no dvd playback, no etcetera. Wait a minute! Ubuntu Netbook remix and undoubted

Comment Re:Sunset (Score 1) 366

I am also on a Dell Mini 9 albeit with Dellbuntu that came with it. I also have a mac so I can judge what nice feels like, and the Dell is not bad by comparison, ( not an equal either but...) but if you want chintzy plasticky feel do try an Asus eee PC which I also have, running jaunty jackelope and running it well. I bet it would go OK with OSX but haven't the erm 'stuff' to try it.

Comment Amazing! (Score 1) 1

To think in this day and age.....Nevertheless, I did manage to pay my bill other day using Firefox on a Mac no less. I have noticed that MySprint likes you to use the same computer all the time however. That is a cookie issue though I am sure.

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