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Comment Re:brilliant or dangerous? (Score 1) 1134

With the theoretically-9-weeks-but-who-knows answer, everyone would actually be better off being told, "I have no clue how long it will take," because at least then there would be no false expectations.

Except that generally "I have no clue how long it will take" gets the response of "I need to tell so and so when it will be done" so then you end up getting your 9 weeks answer anyway.


Submission + - Designing for the other 90%

An anonymous reader writes: Design can do more than sell a few more iPods for Steve Jobs. The New York Times is reporting on a show at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum about designing for the developing world. One of the more "radical" ideas: a rolling water can so that children can transport water safely and effectively from pump to home. From the article: "[The designs]w have a sort of forehead-thumping "Why didn't someone think of that before?" quality." "A billion customers in the world," Dr. Paul Polak told a crowd of inventors recently, "are waiting for a $2 pair of eyeglasses, a $10 solar lantern and a $100 house."

Submission + - Brain cancer treated with electrical field

amigoro writes: A device that specifically targets rapidly growing cancer cells with intermediate frequency electrical fields — called Tumor-Treating Fields (TTFields) — doubled the survival rates of patients with brain cancer, according to a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) journal article. The device uses electrical fields to disrupt tumor growth by interfering with cell division of cancerous cells, causing them to stop proliferating and die off instead of dividing and growing. Healthy brain cells rarely divide and have different electrical properties than cancerous brain cells. This allows the device to target cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells. The only device related side effect seen was a mild to moderate contact dermatitis beneath the field delivering electrodes, which responded well to the application of topical cream and periodic electrode relocation.

Submission + - Microsoft Wants to Build, Not Burn, IP Bridge

AlexGr writes: "Written by Sean Michael Kerner ( Microsoft's Jason Matusow is a man who knows his way around both licensing and interoperability standards. Formerly the head of Microsoft's Shared Source initiative, Matusow now helps lead Microsoft's standards efforts to make good on its promise of interoperability by design. But there is that pesky problem of patents, that Microsoft alleges certain Linux and open source code may be infringing upon. "We think software intellectual property [IP] is critically important and has a great deal of value, but we want it to be quality IP and not just something to block other people from doing stuff," Matusow told "IP can become a pivot point for collaboration." 680091"

Submission + - Venezuela Gov't shuts down oldest TV station

Seakip18 writes: The Venezuela State Governement did not renew a license for it's oldest television station, RCTV, this past Sunday. The station was the nations longest broadcasting station for 54 years. After the license expired at midnight, a state-owned Television station, VTV, immediately took over and began broadcasting. The Gov't also begin filing complaints against Univision and CNN for the broadcasting of "a lie which linked President Chavez to violence and murder" and general defamation of President Chavez. The incident refered to is CNN's mistaken broadcasting of images and stories that appeared next to the name of Venezuela President, Hugo Chavez. The EU and US have both issued codemnations of the Venezuleas actions.

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