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Submission + - How I Hacked Telegram (the Israel Post's Telegram, not the app). (

jonklinger writes: The Israel Post's Telegram Service has a web based app for sending telegrams, old school like. The cost? 40.20ILS for the first 26 words, and 0.50ILS for any additional word.

However, I found out that if you replace space bar with any other character, you can write as much as you want. Yada Yada Yada, I went and sent a telegram to a friend with an encoded message. It took some time but it arrived, I paid 40.20ILS for a really long message.

More interesting: the post actually read my telegram and called my phone, but they sent it anyways.

Submission + - Waze hit with class action suit: plaintiff requests souce code under GPL. (

jonklinger writes: A class action lawsuit was brought against Waze, claiming that their source code and map data were licensed to Waze by the community under the GPL. The plaintiff, Roey Gorodish, requests a copy of the recent source code and map data.

This is (as far as I know) the first ever GPL class action suit, too bad it will be quashed by bad facts later as I see it.


Submission + - Israel to try and block gambling and child porn websites, again. (

jonklinger writes: "Israel is to attempt, again, to pass a bill that authorizes police officers to issue warrants to Internet service providers to block or restrict access to specific websites involved either in gambling, child pornography or copyright infringement. The bill itself proposes that such administrative procedures shall be clandestine and that court decisions shall be made ex-parte, where some of the court’s ruling will not be even dislosed to the owner of the website, and the court may hear and use inadmissible evidence."

Submission + - Court to Prisoner: No XBox 360 for you. (

jonklinger writes: "An Israeli Court rejected the appeal of a prisoner who requested to have an Playstation 3 or XBox device because there is no possibility to remove the internet connectivity apparatus from the device without harming its functionality. Therefore, prisoners cannot engage in gaming and will have to result to other kinds of violence."

Submission + - Google liable for Adwords Advertising, Says Israel (

jonklinger writes: "A recent Israeli Court ruling by the magistrate court of Tel-Aviv found Google to be liable for invasion of privacy when allowing a competing business to use a plastic surgeon's name when advertising through the Adwords system. Whether Google is to appeal or not, incurring liability on it is quite a precedent."

Submission + - Creating XML friendly terms of service (

jonklinger writes: "I recently became acquainted with Common Terms, the new group that tries to collect information from terms of service from popular sites and organize them. As a lawyer who writes these agreements, I was quite shocked from the fact that they are working so hard instead of asking lawyers to add XML tags for their terms. So, I blogged about the idea of providing RDF or XML tagged terms of service so that end-users who don't actually read the terms may understand better how the websites get permission to sell your kidney on the black market."
The Courts

Submission + - arbitrator bans band from playing their song. (

jonklinger writes: "A recent arbitration between two popular Israeli musicians puts the issue of fair use in a whole new perspective.

In 2002, Israeli band Hadag Nachash released an album where one of their songs was either influenced by, or quite similar to, another Israeli classic hit. The artist, Ariel Zilber sought arbitration, claiming they violated his intellectual property rights.

The arbitrator ruled in favour of Zilber and apart from damages issued an injunction prohibiting Hadag Nachash from performing this song in their shows, mandating them to redact their albums from record stores and removing this song from the ACUM (the Israeli equivalent to ASCAP) repertoire."


Submission + - Israeli ISPs forced to block gambling sites (

jonklinger writes: Around two days ago, Israeli ISPs began to block access to certain websites from Israel. The list of the websites is considered confidential, and included, by media reports two websites related to gambling. The issue in matter began around two months ago, when the Israeli police, alongside the tax authorities arrested 28 suspects who were suspected in collaborating with two websites: Stan James and Victor Chandler. Following a brief period of time, the police approached the Israeli ISPs in request to block access to those sites claiming it has the authority to do so by clause 229 to the Israeli Penal Code. I wrote a brief post with links to the story and review of the Israeli law.

Submission + - Paedophiles Welcome Australian Internet Filter (

An anonymous reader writes: The Australian ISP level Internet Filter appears doomed, following widespread political backlash including members of the government opposition.

Just as well as it appears the proposed filter would help paedophiles, rather than stopping them.

Data Storage

Submission + - SanDisk Shrinks Solid-State Drives (

scurtis writes: SanDisk is offering what it calls the first embedded SSD, packing up to 64GB and smaller than a postage stamp. The device, called the integrated SSD (iSSD), is aimed at emerging categories of devices using high-end operating systems in small form factors, such as tablets and ultra-thin notebooks, SanDisk said. Back in June Kingston's Darwin Chen suggested that solid state storage could give the 90 million PCs reaching the end of their life a new lease of life.

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