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Comment Re:What is Yahoo ? (Score 1) 129

Yes and I find their managment of Flickr baffling. For years I paid for a Pro account. That gave you additional disk space and meant all your photos were viewable (I think standard users they used to only display the most recent 250 or something). Then they decided to redisgn the site (which had been largely unchanged for many years, possible since launch) and gave all users (including free accounts) 1TB of storage and all photos displayed. The only thing I think you now get as a Pro user is no ads when you browse the site and better stats. Suddenly, it's not worth paying for so I stopped. Whilst their change in policy was good for me I can't imagine it was good for Yahoo.

Comment Trying to disable the warning? (Score 5, Insightful) 226

However whilst the mistake the pilots made is serious it is just as serious in my view that the plane was permitted to fly in this condition in the first place. It seems the problem with this particular plane was well known and had been happening (at least) for a number of days since but had not been fixed.

Comment Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen (Score 3, Insightful) 360

I have big concerns with Windows 10 so have not updated to it yet. Those are primarily around the forced mandatory updates. We've all seen drivers and software stop working when you install a new version of Windows. With Windows 10 you are in effect installing a new version of Windows every time it updates. So you no longer have any certainty that the devices and software you require will keep on working. Now it seems Microsoft will automatically remove anything it thinks is incompatible without even offering the choice. Nice. If I was the 3rd party software vendor I'd pretty miffed. I think it is only a matter of time before Microsoft is taking to court for this. It is not their job to decide what software someone can or cannot run on their own PC.

Comment Not required - yes (Score 4, Interesting) 135

I use a bank that likes to push this software. Everytime I log into the online banking you get an annoying "pop over" suggesting you install it, which I have to close each time. I've never installed it, and reading this very glad I didn't, I'm always suspicious of websites trying to push software as must have, even if it's banks doing it. My concern is banks moving towards making software like this mandatory, before they will allow you to log onto online banking. Go elswhere, well yes, for now, but if every bank insists on software like this? I've already heard banks can refuse to refund any fradulant transaction if they think you've not taken adequate protection. Would not installing the banks "recommended" software meen you haven't taken adequate protection? Yes I could go back to banking by phone (which is far less secure, of course) or in branches, but with more branches closing all the time, the latter probably won't be an option for much longer either.

Comment Re:Except this little thing your skipped (Score 0) 403

Yes but the problem is not so much keeping the software running it's if the software is still useful. A lot of users of the full Photoshop will want to open RAW files from their camera, because of the superior quality. I doubt CS6 will support the RAW format of the latest cameras in say 2 years time. So you buy a new camera you need the latest version of Photoshop to open the RAW files.

Comment Re:As a comedienne once said (paraphrasing) (Score 1) 385

The odd thing with Adobe is that in my opinion it produces some really excellent software and some really dreadful software and not much in between. Adobe Photoshop is the best image editor I've come accross and Photoshop Elements is certainly worth the money (for a home user I feel Photoshop is a bit too expensive, good though it is). But at the other end of the spectrum there is Adobe Reader. It seems to get slower each release so that opening a typical PDF still takes as long as it did 10 years ago even though modern PCs are much faster than those of 10 years ago. It probably has more features but the features I use are limited to just move around the page, zoom in, rotate all of which you have been able to do for years. I don't know how Adobe manage to make it get slower and have to update it so often. Likewise I won't be sorry to see Flash go, another program that seems to constantly want to update (and nag about it).

Comment How long to recharge? (Score 1) 650

The added range would make an electric car a lot more useful, but there are still some problems to solve. With a petrol car if I get low on fuel I can fill up and be on my way again in 5 minutes. If my charge in an electric car runs out how long will it take to charge? Probably a lot more than 5 minutes. Also where can you charge it? Not everyone has off street parking or off-street parking with an electric supply (e.g. a garage in a block). You can hardly run a long extension lead down the road to where you car is parked to charge it. I think this will only work if the battery can be *easily* removed (so it can be charged in your house ready to put back in the car in the morning). It would also be good if petrol stations could swap a discharged battery for a charged one (for a fee, obviously) much like filling up with petrol today. Until these issues are resolved I don't see electirc cars being as popular as petrol/diesel.

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