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Comment Re:Anonymous is not government; whack KKK (Score 1) 191

Why do you say we "need" a female president? How is she more qualified because she has a vagina? That is the definition of sexist right there! If you actually cared about equality you would look at qualifications, values, and character rather than sexual organs.

You are part of the problem right here. Thinking that we have some sort of "need" to check off some box of certain criteria for a person, female, black, gay, rather than look at the quality of their character or their qualifications to do a job. That is a dangerous game you are playing. Also, curious that you only mentioned black, female, and gay. What is wrong you have something against, hermaphrodites, Brazilians, Chinese, Eskimos, Indians (Native or Asian), Australians, Irish, Colombians, or any others? Why are any of them not deserving of your special qualifying check marks that we are in "need" of achieving?

The presidency is not an achievements based game of equal opportunity, it is highest level of office for the Executive Branch, now start treating it as such. Skin color, racial makeup, sexual preference, hair color, and underwear choice have nothing to do with it. But the propensity to commit felonies during and in order to make into a public office sure do show the character of the candidate.

Submission + - Nvidia & laptop manufacturers ignore Linux use (

nocleverhandle writes: "NVidias's Optimus technology does not work well with an OS other then Windows7 — and it is becoming pervasive.

As the forum poster says, that is understandable. Linux ( may have something in the future, but in the meantime Linux users trying to buy a high-end laptop face an ugly situation having to pay for and power a Nvidia graphics processor, but getting low-end graphics from the built-in Intel graphics processor."

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