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Comment I'm 30 and in school now. (Score 1) 918

I'm 30 and in school now, and I love it. Computer Science has always been something I enjoy. I will probably be 32 when I graduate. I am also lucky that my wife is very supportive and doesn't mind us being poor as dirt while I'm in school. After I finish here, I plan to go to graduate school. I will probably end up in the 36-38 age range by the time I'm done (depending on what program I pick). One thing I've noticed is that as long as you're not incompetitent the professors treat you differently and give you more opportunities then the younger students. (However, more opportunities almost always means more work!) Also, expect weird nicknames from the younger ones. I've been called Gandalf a number of times. I think it's the beard. ;-P

Comment Re:RIGHT battle! (Score 2, Insightful) 203

DRM has a critical flaw when it comes to cryptography. The attacker and the person with permission to decrypt the content are the same. Because of this there can never be a strong DRM scheme. While I'm not familiar with UK's Sky TV, I bet that the wide variety of TV content already available on bit torrent networks has more to do with it not being cracked then the strength of its crypto algorithm.

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