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Comment Re:Maybe you should stick to what you know (Score 1) 320

All electric grids produce power that is not consumed off-peak. That is because most power generation cannot be easily cycled up and down (turned on and off) as load changes. Grids peak during the day, so capacity is designed accordingly. That means excess at night. There is NOTHING about the 'smart grid' that can reduce that waste.

Comment Re:Misplaced sentimentality (Score 1) 797

In other news GE has sold their buggy whip division...

Why do so many people defend the free market in a case where the free market is not responsible? This is a result of forces that the argument you're making is specifically against.

GE wanted to shut down american ligth bulb plants so they can sell light bulbs with higher prices and higher margins made overseas. GE lobbies in favor of energy savings. Legislature outlaws light bulbs. GE complies with the laws and laughs all the way to the bank.

Are these the competitive forces you're looking for?

Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 3, Insightful) 426

Most utilities are not run by the government but by private companies....make any case at all for privatizing them in your view?

Most utilities are regulated. Those that are regulated provider cheaper power than their unregulated counterparts because their prices are based on average cost rather than marginal cost. The states that deregulated their power generation now have higher electric rates. This American belief that unchecked competition automatically produces cheaper products simply isn't true, especially with infrastructure.

Comment Re:So is he against municip run power and gas too (Score 2, Informative) 426

It has nothing to do with subsidies; it has to do with regulated business delivering service at cost + 10% profit rather than at market price. Properly regulated utilities produce cheaper products than their unregulated ('competitive') counterparts.

Comment Studies of households with books (Score 1) 305

These results remind me of studies that showed correlation of academic performance with the presence and quantity of books in the home. The spurious conclusion was that more books would yield better grades.

The unfortunate truth is that the best predictor of your academic performance (statistically speaking, so dealing with large numbers and exceptions) is the academic performance your parents. Why? Smart parents are more likely to have smart kids. The converse is also true (as unpalatable as that may be).

The computer will not, cannot make you smarter, just as with books.

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