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Submission + - NetHack Tournament Includes New Version (3.6.0) (junethack.net)

jonadab writes: For the first time since the release of version 3.6 late last year, the NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament includes the new version of the game. Two of the public servers participating in the tournament are hosting it. NAO has the unmodified Dev Team release, and EME has a lightly patched version with the popular status colors patch. Several clans are gearing up to play. The tournament runs during the entire month of June (UTC).

Submission + - New NetHack Variant: NetHack Fourk (github.com)

jonadab writes: A new NetHack variant has been brought into existence. This variant is called NetHack Fourk, and it is based on the NetHack 4 codebase. The focus of the variant is on balance refinements and on differentiating existing content (roles, monsters, levels, etc.)

Submission + - How hot do you like it?

jonadab writes: "What is the hottest pepper you enjoy eating raw?
  • bell pepper (or none at all)
  • banana pepper
  • poblano
  • jalapeno
  • serrano
  • cayenne
  • thai pepper
  • habanero
  • dorset naga
  • distilled capsaicin

Submission + - What are the best things humans have invented?

jonadab writes: "
  • language, writing, paper, and the printing press
  • indoor plumbing, hot showers, and soft toilet paper
  • planes, trains, automobiles, and paved roads
  • cubicles, mandatory meetings, and business suits

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