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Comment Re:That's why we don't use Quicktime... (Score 1) 448

I'd stay tuned on this one - Apple has no reason to screw up 3rd party video editors and I certainly wouldn't build a conspiracy theory that its to boost their Video Rentals.
Apple does have a reason to screw up 3rd party video editors, which is that Quicktime is an underlying component of a number of video editing rendering systems, including After Effects. When AE tries to render, it writes to a Quicktime file. The DRM system added to the new version of Quicktime somehow interferes with this process after ten minutes of rendering, locking After Effects out from writing the file and thus crashing the render. So it's not that they tried to break AE, they just changed their software without checking to see if this change would interfere with the other apps that use this software. I do very much enjoy the idea of Apple deciding to boost video rentals by preventing new movies from being made, I doubt that's what they had in mind.

I have to say, putting out a DRM scheme that completely fucks up After Effects is a new low for Apple. Ya, I know, I'm an idiot for installing the thing on my workstation last night without testing it somehow, but you know what? Apple markets these machines specifically as After Effects workstations. I think it's reasonable to expect that they test their software for compatibility with the applications they advertise their machines as being great for. Or if they're not willing to do that sort of testing, at least provide a readily available means of uninstall.

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