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Journal joke_dst's Journal: SQL function to calculate number of work days

This is a follow up on the previous post about easter day, the function getEasterDate is required...

This calculates the number of work days between two dates, using Swedish holidays.

This consists of two functions, one that calculates if a given day is a holiday (isHoliday()) and one that simply loops through the range of days given and checks if any is a holyday (numberOfWorkDays())

If anyone wants to convert this to another country or optimize this one, please tell me about it! I'd love to see it...

Create Function isHoliday(@date as datetime)
returns bit
as begin
    if DATEPART(dw, @date) in (1,7)
        or (DAY(@date)=1 and MONTH(@date) in (1,5)) --Jan 1, May 1
        or (DAY(@date)=6 and MONTH(@date)=6) --6 july, national day
        or (MONTH(@date)=12 and DAY(@date) in (25,26)) --xmas
        return 1
    declare @easter as datetime set @easter = dbo.getEasterDate(YEAR(@date))
    if DATEDIFF(day, @easter, @date) in (-2, 1, 39) --easter + ascention
        return 1
    return 0


Create function numberOfWorkDays( @fromDate as datetime, @toDate as datetime)
returns int
as begin
    declare @day as datetime
    declare @endday as datetime
    declare @dayCount int

    set @day = @fromdate
    set @endday = @toDate
    set @dayCount = 1

    if @endday @day begin
        declare @tempday datetime set @tempday=@day
        set @day=@endday
        set @endday = @tempday

    while @day @endday begin
        if dbo.isHoliday(@day)=0
                set @dayCount = @dayCount + 1

        set @day = dateadd(day, 1, @day)

    return @dayCount

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SQL function to calculate number of work days

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