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Dating Site For Nerds 4

The poor economy hasn't seemed to hit niche dating sites, and one of the fastest growing niches is for nerds. Chicago based Nerds at Heart holds events where nerds gather to socialize and shout out trivia, flirt over a game of Risk, or compare notes on AP exams. Last year the top five niche dating categories gained market share, while general matchmaking sites stayed about the same. Just remember, no matter how socially awkward you are, there is someone just as awkward who would like a hug.

Submission + - Ron Paul Drives a Linux ( 1

johnnyv33 writes: I can almost guarantee that Ron Paul drives a Linux on the Information Superhighway, and here's why: Republicans, like the Microsoft Windows operating system, are good for business but expensive to purchase and arguably not the best choice. They've been around for awhile and haven't stood up to the claims they've made over the years. Each time they come up with a new idea it requires more and more of a limited amount of resources. Both suffer from a reputation of not being "with it". Democrats, like the Macintosh operating system, are very popular with pointy-headed professor types and other elitists who consider themselves on an intellectual par with pointy-headed professor types. These are people who consider themselves to be utilizing the best operating system when it comes to living their lives and revel in looking down their noses at the rest of us. However, like the Macintosh operating system, they fail to impress the general population when attempting to solve real-world problems. They are, in fact, a repackaged version of the same thing all the other snake-oil salesman are selling. Ron Paul, a Republican but really a Libertarian, is the oddball of the group of would-be Presidents, just like the Linux operating system is the oddball of the computing world. He comes cheap, makes sense, and has arrived at where he is purely by a grass-roots effort and nothing more.

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