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Journal Journal: funny 1

Ünited Stätes Toughens Image With Umlauts
WASHINGTON, DC--In a move designed to make the United States seem more "bad-assed and scary in a quasi-heavy-metal manner," Congress passed a bill Monday changing the nation's name to the Ünited Stätes of Ämerica. "Much like Mötley Crüe and Motörhead, the Ünited Stätes is not to be messed with," said Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK). An upcoming redesign of the Ämerican flag will feature the new name in burnished silver wrought in a jagged, gothic font and bolted to a black background. A new national anthem is also in the works, to be written by composer Glenn Danzig and tentatively titled "Howl Of The She-Demon."

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Journal Journal: Blame it on the weather

Just submitted a story to slashdot. I have had a couple massive-almost-want-to-cry-cause-it-hurts-so-bad migraines in the past month.

This link is a historical graph of weather patterns over the past month. Notice on the evening of aug 9 and the afternoon of aug 17 that the pressure is near 30 inches and rising. This corresponds with my latest headaches.

Sure, this might be a coincidence, but I have noticed for quite a while that I tend to feel strange when the weather changes. The stranger thing is that it doesn't always happen. You would expect that everytime the pressure crosses 30 inches on it's upward climb that I would be hit by a migraine. It doesn't happen though. So maybe it's a combination of several factors. The other linking factor is a slight lack of sleep. (5 hours or so each night) however, this amount of sleep (or lack of sleep) will not always produce a headache. hmm. perhaps when the body is weakened due to stress or poor diet or poor sleep, it can become more sensitve to weather changes. Hmm, any bio-meteorologists out there?

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Journal Journal: second verse, same as the first.

Let's try that again. nothing like writing a masterpiece and accidentally closing the window.

here are some links for posterity.

MONKEYS!!!! Monkey Math 1 Monkey Math 2 (with references to creationism and evolution) BEES!

obligatory rant of the day.

just made a post on the article on introversion and by the end I realized that I think I am mid-troverted. (which might be translated as "normal") but with todays emphasis on labels and ideals, can midroversion be accepted? the concept of adapting to your surroundings might seem either simplistic or silly, but how many people can claim to do that?

without sounding trite, I find that I can adjust to most anything. I used to be the sort of person that people would 'take advantage of' or 'walk all over'. but after 4 years of college and getting to know myself, I realized that my personality was capable of flexibility and my own undisciplined nature, if not kept in check by me, could allow people to push me around. etc etc yadda yadda. Countless times I have had roommates give me blank stares for watching something they don't have the patience for. M*A*S*H, DBZ/Dexter/Ed Edd n'Eddy, Foxnews, Monster House/Monster Garage/American Chopper, etc. they usually apologize saying "I'm sorry John, but this bores the hell out of me" and they change the channel. usually to some reality TV show. Where is my point? I don't need a point... this is a rant.

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Journal Journal: First post!!

Ok, first journal entry here on slashdot. Never ever thought I would even open an account here over a year ago, and now I am planning to spill my guts here. Well, perhaps not spill, more like a controlled pouring of my guts.

Anyway, for those 3 people who might ever read this, don't expect some juicy personal details every other month when/if I update. I won't be that direct. That's not my nature.

Instead, just enjoy these links.

An oldie, but goodie

You might have already seen this one

This one is great

If you need a date

That about wraps it up for our time together today. Later


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