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Comment Re:What are its capabilities? (Score 4, Insightful) 90

Asymmetric crypto using Diffie-Hellman. It's a problem a quantum computer can solve easily (compared to a classical one at least.) It's a big thing on the horizon in cryptography, and I wouldn't be surprised if state actors already possess the tech, or will soon. Definitely important enough to land a spot on the weapons ban list, at least.

Comment Perhaps a better method... (Score 5, Interesting) 1001

Would be a trial (as in free trial). Throw a fairly standard problem at them, but not one with a simple, common place implementation. Drop them at a computer with internet access, give them a couple hours, and see what they have at the end of it. It's not perfect, but it's probably a better way to evaluate skills.

Comment Re:This started BEFORE Trump (Score 1) 251

Yeah, from what I gather from people I know at NSA, the reorg is a huge pain. They're also moving a lot of people to new office spaces... did I say offices? I meant cubicles. And for a white-collar force where one of the previous perks was semi-private office space, that's a big deal. Did I also mention that the pay isn't that great compared to private sector (hundreds of thousands less, sometimes)?

Comment Re: All my friends in NSA are looking (Score 1) 251

A lot, maybe half, of the NSA actually works on defensive security measures. They're behind a lot of modern crypto and implementation and actually push for backdoor-less crypto. The surveillance and analysis ends of the business get more publicity because defensive measures "aren't as cool".

Comment Re:If he's transgender... (Score 1) 642

Yes, it's possible. But not very economical with modern (read: non-fusion) tech, because the amount of energy is very high by current standards. A couple of fission plants would also do it, but at that point you might as well just build a nuclear bomb, which is more portable and easier to hide than a lunar rock-launching mechanism.

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