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Comment Re:Because Hybrids Don't Pay For Themselves (Score 1) 998

The article says "people buying a car in 2011". Maybe the shoppers either had not had the car long enough to see the difference, or had older hybrids that were not as magical. He is in the cult of Prius, but my brother did the math and his car would pay for the hybrid upgrade if he keeps the car for a certain number of years. Not 20 years, but more than 2 or 3 for sure. Less time than he expected to keep the car. I know his math was also based on fuel prices less than we have seen in the few years he has had his Prius, so he should be ahead of the estimates. He's also somebody that does not flinch at the concept of keeping a car for 10 years. One thing environmental car people say is that the more efficient car is probably the one that already exists, and not the one you are building from scratch. Buying a new Prius every 2 years is maybe not the best thing for the world (unless the used car is trickling down to somewhere replace super gas guzzlers). In the purely environmental impact sense you are better with an 80s VW diesel or an older little Honda.... because they are already built.

Comment Re:This would have been great for.. (Score 1) 197

Well, if this is true, Apple is actively building prototypes with AMD. I have also recently heard that Apple considered AMD when they did the x86 switch... unless that rumor was actually the first leaks of this report. Either way, it seems Apple has been working plan B (if not also C, D and E). We also just learned Job devoted a lot of resources into using WiFi to create a virtual cell service without using a traditional carrier for the iPhone. Those rumors circulated months before the iPhone was officially unveiled, so it's interesting to get slightly more info about those rumors a few years later.

Comment Re:CPU & GPU performance not relevant (Score 1) 197

Does Apple care that much about a GPU for the Air? I wonder what the split is for machines like the Mac Mini where you can get the GPU upgrade. I don't discount the delivery volumes being a major factor, depending on why they could not ensure delivery. It's kind of interesting because if the AMD chip had benefits that Apple saw as a major advantage, they could have thrown them a ton of cash to improve production. We know Apple gets first grab of components by using that stockpile of cash to pre-pay for parts. The big manufacturers can buy a lot of chips, but how fast will they take delivery, and more importantly, be able to pay for them? As a freelancer I have a few clients that pay me on the day I work, and one that has taken almost 90 days to pay (and many in between). You can guess which ones I give priority to when booking my schedule.

Comment almost happened in PA Senator corruption trial (Score 3, Informative) 148

This trial has been going on for a while in PA. The Twitter/Facebook story hit on Sunday, but today (Monday) he was found guilty on 137 counts and they did not replace that juror. I am guessing that will be among the things his lawyers put in his appeal? Something about it being unfair. 137 counts of corruption and i bet they cray about something posted on facebook.

Comment Re:Ummm... (Score 1) 267

there are still a LOT of people that don't have email on their cell phones. there is still a weird disconnect between some people's phones. some phone (iphones and more) can't receive or send picture messages, many don't have email. i suppose the issue is when you try to send a picture to a few people at once. say you have something like a Treo that supports picture messages and emails. you have to split the people up into delivery options. If your Treo is on Verizon (like mine is), then they strip out all incoming email attachments if you use the built-in email client... and being Verizon you do not have the same 3rd party app options as other people.
Yes, it's a first world problem, but it's just stupidity of the carriers. The US had the same issue some years back when you could only send a text message to people on your network. I actually had to think who had the same carrier as i did before i sent a message.

The Internet

How Much Are Ad Servers Slowing the Web? 363

vipermac writes "Most of the times I have a problem with a Web page loading slow or freezing temporarily, I look down at the status bar and see that it's waiting on an ad server, Google Analytics, or the like. It seems to me that on popular Web sites the bottleneck is overwhelmingly on the ad servers now and not on the servers of the site itself. In my opinion we need a better model for serving ads — or else these services need to add more servers/bandwidth. Are there any studies on the delay that 3rd-party ad servers are introducing, or any new models that are being introduced to serve ads?"
United States

Submission + - Can the internet enable direct action offline? 3

notque writes: "We are sitting in a time with so many political scandals, and some would say an illegal war. You would think that given these facts the United States would be a hotbed of political activity and protest. So far this hasn't occurred, although people continue to do difficult work. There are many websites that attempt to coordinate political activity, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot to show for it. Can the internet actually enable direct action offline? What are some ways that this could be carried out? On another website, digg, there was an article concerning a general strike on 09/11/07 that received 4600 diggs, so it seems that people want to do something, but feel isolated and alone. Does the internet help foster this? Noam Chomsky once said, "By margins that are now so overwhelming that it's even front page news, people are strenuously opposed to everything that's going on and are frightened and angry and reacting like punch-drunk fighters. They're just too alone, both in their personal lives and associations and also intellectually, without anything to grasp. They don't know how to respond except in irrational ways. In some ways it has sort of the tone of a devastated peasant society after a plague swept it or an army went through and ruined everything. People have just dissolved into inability to respond." How can individuals help to change this, and is the internet a useful tool for that? Does the internet just stagnate individuals further? Thanks."

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