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Comment Intel (Score 1) 159

Thats why I stay with Intel graphics, they may not be the fastest graphics card in the world
but their Linux drivers never made any problems. Be it mode switching or dual-head, everything *just works*.

And that by using existing Xorg standards (XRandR, etc.), e.g. no nightmare "nvidia-settings" program as in the case for "the other" manufacturer.

And yes, for most models the drivers are open source, IIRC.

Comment Re:Again? (Score 2, Interesting) 145

Personally (I am a lay person astronomically), I think Dark Matter raises more questions than it answers. While I acknowledge the effort, time and rigor that many astrophysicists have put into studying these phenomena, I still feel that dark matter, a substance which is invisible, intangible, and undetectable expect through its gravitational effects is too far of a step for physics to take without more evidence. I feel as a theory, dark matter is only a stepping stone on the way to a better explanation for what we are observing.

That certainly is the nightmare version of Dark Matter. However, most (if not all?) dark matter models do not in fact propose (other than gravitationally) noninteracting particles. They certainly must interact very weak with each other and ordinary matter but not per se not at all.

Dark Matter models make in fact verifiable predictions, such as annihilation products and rates (positrons in this case). They are valid science!

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