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Comment Re:How cute (Score 1) 314

This single specific call for boycott won't have any impact, but his voice is just another shout going up from an angry mob. Each yell gives the crowd more energy and more potential to eventually lash out in action.

By the way, your attempts to sound condescending with "how cute" and "little boycott" make you sound like the transvestite from Silence of the Lambs.

Comment Re:Welcome to the real world, hippies (Score 1) 348

Do you consider marijuana to be more harmful than the legal drugs alcohol and tobacco, or is your problem with its users purely that they use it in violation of the law?
Do you consider those who use medical marijuana to have all the negative qualities you listed for marijuana users? Do you oppose the legalization of marijuana for recreational use?
I can somewhat understand your position if it's based *entirely* on universal respect for the rule of law, but if it's a prejudice against marijuana in general, I can only theorize that you were mistreated by hippy parents.

Comment Re:So what would happen... (Score 1) 332

Since no one wanted to explain it to you too well, I'll go ahead. Basically, no, it's not a realistic threat. The problem with your idea is that the biggest explosion that humans could possibly make, or even expect to make in 100 years, wouldn't have a fraction of the power needed to blow apart the moon.

Think about the comet impact that killed the dinosaurs. It was an explosion with a power far beyond what humans cam make today. Even that amazing amount of energy was only enough to carve a wide but shallow divot on the crust of the earth.

Also, to answer your question of what could happen if the moon did explode, the answer is simple: all life all earth would perish in a fiery then frigid apocalypse. Even a glancing blow of the moon by a good sized comet could, as far as I know, rain down explosive hell on the entire planet.

Comment Re:ID cards can be wonderful for privacy (Score 1) 200

Different cards or businesses would only keep their keys to themselves for so long.

Eventually, you'd see a little EULA on a screen where clicking yes means they can share their key with a group of others businesses, to "serve you better". Eventually, some terrorist attack will occur and the government will decide that it should have a master key to track all spending in order to search for suspicious purchases. Eventually, the IRS will access all of your income and spending and property records and will be happy to "do you taxes for you!" and send you a bill. Eventually, the government will have complete control over all commerce and it will be a crime to act outside of the system. The GPS in your phone will sync up with the purchases you make and the text messages you send/receive and the government will have you perfectly indexed in a master database. Deviants will be found mathematically.

Technology has always been used by governments to enforce control. It has improved over time, stabilizing society but also establishing more complete tyranny. I believe we have almost reached the time where revolution will no longer be possible. The game of states and empires will be locked in, and the peasants will never again discharge the elite.

Comment Re:Nearby, massive fish kill (Score 4, Interesting) 577

Also, in the same area, is the town that's had like 500 earthquakes in the past six months or something. A lot of people think that the hydraulic fracturing method of gas drilling caused the earthquakes. Maybe it also caused some gasses to vent. Not to mention the New Madrid Fault is in the area where they're doing that shit... they're probably going to kill me.

Comment Re: (Score 1) 385

Questioning the information you present makes me a "narc". That's nonsense.

I'm still waiting on you to tell us what crime you committed at 17, and to explain why a government would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars harassing your for years simply because you submitted the same form three times.

By the way, a "narc" is short for narcotics agent. You can't even get your silly labels right. You seem to think I'm a G-Man or Spook (but I'm not, I'm actually a mid-western video game programmer)

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