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Submission + - Open Source Windows Drivers and Signing

BorgeStrand writes: I'm part of a project where we'd like to start work on an Open Source Windows driver. It should work from XP-32 to Win7-64. Which license should we rather use? What are the costs involved in obtaining signing rights? There are probably legal issues dealing with ownership etc. Tips from fellow Slashdotters would be much appreciated!

Submission + - Algorithm Rates Trustworthiness of Wikipedia Pages

paleshadows writes: Researchers at UCSC developed a tool that measures the trustworthiness of each wikipedia page. Roughly speaking, the algorithm analyzes the entire 7-year user-editing-history and utilzes the longevity of the content to learn which contributors are the most reliable: If your contribution lasts, you gain "reputation", whereas if it's edited out, your reputation falls. The trustworthiness of a newly inserted text is a function of the reputation of all its authors, a heuristic that turned out to be successful in identifying poor content. The interested reader can take a look at this demo (random page with white/orange background marking trusted/untrusted text, respectively; note "random page" link at the left for more demo pages), this presentation (pdf), and this paper (pdf).

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