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Submission + - Microsoft downplays Vista speech vulnerability

john-da-luthrun writes: Microsoft has attempted to downplay reports that Vista's speech recognition capabilities could be hijacked by malicious websites in order to irretrievably delete user data. An MP3 file could be used to instruct the PC to delete a file and empty the trash. Microsoft's line is that there is "little if any need to worry" about this, as it would only work if the speech recognition feature is activated and the microphone and speakers are switched on. So if you're using speech recognition without a microphone or speakers, then presumably you're safe...

Submission + - French court slaps down Sony DRM

john-da-luthrun writes: A French court has ruled that Sony's CONNECT Store infringes French consumer law, reports the TechnoLlama IP blog. Under French law, it is illegal to tie the purchase of a service (such as downloading a music file) to the purchase of a another product, so Sony were held to be breaking the law by selling music files that required a Sony player in order to access them. The court also found that Sony had failed to inform customers that its ATRAC 3 files can only be played on Sony digital players. A similar case in France involving Apple's iTunes/iPod tie-in is ongoing.

Submission + - The Iceweasel cometh

john-da-luthrun writes: Debian's Iceweasel is finally here. Debian's Firefox/Iceweasel co-maintainer Eric Dorland announced the Iceweasel's release from its cage earlier today, and the new package has started to arrive in Debian Unstable download repositories (the writer is posting from his own Iceweasel installation). This version of Iceweasel appears to be simply a rebadged vanilla Firefox 2.0 — Firefox 2.0 arrived in Sid at the same time, and the logo is still a blue globe rather than the infamous humping weasel.

Submission + - Debian Iceweasel: the facts

john-da-luthrun writes: Debian Firefox/XULrunner maintainer Mike Hommey reports on the Firefox/Iceweasel wrangle, correcting various assertions that have been made in the assorted trollfests/flamewars currently raging over the proposed Firefox rename. Hommey confirms that Firefox in Etch will be renamed "Iceweasel", but this will only be a renamed version of the vanilla Firefox®, not the GNU Iceweasel fork — though the Debian and GNU Iceweasel teams may work together in future.

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