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Comment Re:nice video, but the launch seems backwards (Score 1) 198

Boil-off of LOX and methane in space isn't an unsolvable problem and they have to solve it anyway, since they need fuel and LOX to land on Mars and if they can prevent boil-off for 6 months they also can prevent it for a few days or weeks more.

But I agree, this video just shows it the way people expect things to look. All the details will be very different.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 198

This is not an engineering video. Because: The booster isn't shown to be tanked after landing and before launching the second time, the fuel freighter also isn't fueled up (and surely won't be sitting there and picked up and placed on the booster by a crane with fuel onboard, which would be much too heavy). This is basically a nice fluffy PR video for consumers, not for engineers. Obviously.

Comment Am I trolling? (Score 0) 97

Lock him away and take all this data and hardware and when he submits the bugs to Apple, make Apple pay him the bounty and let him go with a nice clap on the back.

Well, or trust him not to sell the exploit to someone else or have it stolen. This must be worth a lot of money, much more when it is not submitted. People have been stolen from, killed or tortured for less.

Exploits are the new plutonium. You can prepare for war with stockpiling and weaponizing them.

Comment Re: So... (Score 1) 217

Recognition will be by pressure, the fingerprint reader will work everywhere on the screen. Where's the problem?

Note that Apple will NEVER use a virtual button on the screen like Android because all the accessibility features rely on the user being able to press the home button without seeing it. So in the next iPhone the full screen will be the home button.

Comment Re:points of interest (Score 5, Insightful) 532

The trouble is that the thrust is so low that measuring it reliably is so hard that nobody knows if there is thrust at all or just measurement problems. It's said to be about 1mN/kW, much lower than even an ion drive.

I think there is just noise and no signal and people are seeing a rabbit in the clouds because they're looking for it very hard.

Comment What? (Score 3, Insightful) 298

"A passenger pod is not heavy because it does not contain fuel, engines, avionics, etc., so in case of an accident it can be ejected and land on parachutes."

It contains the passengers (the payload) and is one of the major structural components of the plane, so it is heavy anyway. And if it has to be structurally sound enough to be ejected and land it will be even heavier. Big parachutes for heavy loads are not easy or lightweight too.

Besides, air travel is very safe already and this wouldn't change anything about crashes during take-off and landings.

I mean, yes, do designs and try to sell them. I doubt someone will buy this though.

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