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Comment Re:What Is To Be Gained? (Score 1) 101

"the most horrible kluge in the history of computing: Javascript." -Robert Cailliau (developed the World Wide Web with Tim Berners-Lee)

HTML5 is a classic example Design by committee. We cannot develop for this poor standard with confidence. Rather, one has to do sophisticated browser testing for even the most trivial features. FF OS doesn't any of these issues. All it does is provide another incompatible platform for us to develop for.

As Facebook found out the hard way, HTML5 Apps will always be slower and less usable then their Native counterparts. Targeting Android and iOS covers 90% of the smartphone market and gives us better interoperability and performance to boot.

Comment Re:Sound subsystem fragmentation (Score 1) 951

What sound system fragmentation? There's ALSA and there's ... ALSA

Yes, for Ubuntu users, there's only ALSA. But for those of us that require a real low latency sound system to do some work, we need to use the OSSv4 Audio Subsystem. But because this FRAGMENTATION in Linux it's poorly supported, so we have to use OS X or Windows.

And where do you get off thinking PA is some solution to this nightmare? It only makes matters worse. And, It's not just end users that have issues with PulseAudio subsystems. Read about the nightmare the WINE dev's are having with PulseAudio's massive latency:

Comment Re:Shall I list the reasons again? (Score 1) 951

DRIVERS, that right! I have a desktop with x1800 GPU where my only option is terrible open source Linux driver, so I can only play games in Windows. My laptop is just a bad. Since I have a Nvidia Optimus GPU, I have to chose between playing games or having decent battery life. The one weekend, I decided to give gaming a decent shot, I ended up having to re-install Linux on my laptop to get the Intel GPU running exclusively again.

Until ATI, Nvidia, and the kernel developers can setting on a standard graphics driver interface like Windows and OS X, I'm done with Linux gaming.

Oh one last point, fixing the Audio Subsystem would be great too. I occasionally do some to DJ and mixing on my desktop. I have to boot to Windows to get a decent latency. The latency for using ALSA and PulseAudio is ridiculously high. In the past, I had some good luck with OSSv4 but seems like recently all the major distros have dropped support for it. I guess they assume Linux users only use the sound card for playing music or watching videos. That's all ALSA is good for.

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